Heads up: Nightblade Mastery Adjustments in B17

Just giving you guys an early warning. The Nightblade mastery is undergoing some adjustments in B17 which may cause you to lose skill points and/or end up with skill points invested in invalid ways (ex. points in a mastery tier you have not unlocked yet).

If you want to be absolutely sure that your Nightblades will not lose skill points / end up with inaccessible skills by the release of B17, you should remove all of your skill points from the following skills and/or their modifiers:

Blade Swarm - This skill is being removed and any points left on it will vanish into the nether!

The following skills will remain in the mastery but will be moving up in tiers. You won’t lose points invested in them but if they move beyond your current mastery level, they will be unusable until you raise your mastery sufficiently.

Phantasmal Blades (Tier 2)
Blade Trap (Tier 6)
Blade Trap - Devouring Blades (Tier 8)
Shadow Strike - Nightfall (Tier 9)

I would recommend making any changes now so that you’re not caught unprepared when the build goes live!

Roger that!

Thanks for the warning, Zantai! Is there a rough ETA on this so I can make sure to do this before you guys roll out the patch?

Updated list slightly with more specifics.

Ex. you can still use Shadow Strike, just avoid the final modifier.

Thank you for the heads up Zantai. Could also use warning of when B17 will drop so that I can remove all assigned points and reassign after b17

for that i m talking about ty very much for the warning Zantai,if the warn us every time fo9r skills changes we dont lo9se chars))).except quest changing lol:rolleyes:

Appreciate the heads-up. I will update my build.

This is why I am starting a whole new character for the release of b17 :slight_smile:

We can’t give a date yet because we don’t want the information being announced early by the gaming press but I would recommend you do it now so that you’re not caught unprepared.

The only thing to be really concerned about is Blade Swarm, which is going away and could cause permanent loss of points. The other skills will just moving up in tier and, worst case, you won’t have access to them until you raise your mastery level.

Oh no! It was the most interesting skill from the blade traps :frowning: I was hoping to create a build around it… :frowning:

Blade trap is being buffed to become aoe from what I read.

It’s nice to have a warning but I do find it a tad odd that the points just vanish. There’s no way to automatically refund points if you build is affected?

Thanks for the warning glad I got the chance to pull my points before it was too late :slight_smile:

It’s easier to warn the players to refund the points themselves rather then mess around to do what you suggest which is a waste of time pretty much.

Plus it’s alpha so changes to characters can happen. Things can break. At least we get a nice forewarning on it.

Well if he wanted an easy skill to replace it and did some shuffling of NB skill locations it would take less time to just do it then to go and add a refund algorithm and potently have to bug fix that as well.

I’m all for them cutting some corners if it will not have a profoundly negative effect if I can have B17 sooner :smiley:

Plus they asked for our input and let us know in advance I think that’s more than okay! Can you name some developers that have game design polls Um crate, and starbound I can’t think of anymore.

why cant the developers reset the skill points?

I never knew taking 10 seconds to log on and take out a few skill points was gonna be such an issue…

Because Grim Dawn is a offline game, it is not Diablo 3/Path of Exile.
Everyone has been warned when playing Alpha that this could happen.

Hey guys, thanks for the warning but would it not be possible to release a small patch that resets a character’s skill tree and reassigns all available skill points? :confused:

Possible ? yes

Requiring time that is better spent elsewhere ? most definitely…