Healing In Grim Dawn

I’m still fairly new to the game. Other than the Inquisitor, what classes have heal spells?

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you mean “hit button - get health”? Then you also have Occultist (Blood of Dreeg) and Nightblade (Pneumatic burst)

Additionally, Occultists pet raven can heal you, and Shamans Wendigo Totem also heals you and allies in range.

Beyond class skills, there are several items, relics, and devotions which can heal you and your allies as well!

Though most of these function differently than at the push of a button with the exception of Touch of Purity and Apothecarys Gloves, and i could have easily missed others.

and if mob is within range too.

Best healing is still attack damage converted to health.

Unless you want to play support character, which is one of the most fun things to do if you have friends to play with. I love playing support roles, and in other RPGs and MMORPGs ill play healer classes.

Its the first thing I look for whenever I play a new RPG. In GD it can take a long time to discover, so @mattman75 Ill share with you now the healer build that inspired me to drink deep of this game. This build is rad as hell;

@the8anarchist Support Deceiver

Thank you everyone for the replies!