Pure Support Deciever (yes, this is a thing I made and tested)

So back before the expansion, me and a friend were kicking around the idea of running co-op with one normal build and one support build, the original Idea was to do conjurer with BoD, CoF, Wendigo Totem, and Auras, but in the end we decided that it didn’t fit the “support” idea well enough.

So once my friend got a hold of the expansion, and looked at the inquisitor I was asked to go back to the drawing board on the support build. This is what the end result was:


Weapon: Mythical Touch of Purity | Seal of Corruption | Outcast’s Bastion
Off-hand: Mythical Sacred Texts of Menhir | Seal of Might | Outcast’s Bastion
Head: Ravager’s Dreadgaze | Living Armor | Wendigo Bloodscent Powder
Chest: Mythical Dread Armor of Azragor | Living Armor
Pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros | Scaled Hide
Shoulders: Stonehide Fabius’ Shoulderguard of Kings | Scaled Hide
Gloves: Mythical Touch of the Everliving Grove | Spellwoven Threads
Boots: Mythical Timewarped Walkers | Ugdenbog Leather
Belt: Mythical Cord of Deception | Ugdenbog Leather
Amulet: Mythical Pestilence of Dreeg | Seal of Annihilation | Survivors Ingenuity
Rings: Incorruptible Living Ring of Scorched Runes | Bloodied Crystal | Survivors Ingenuity
Relic: Eternity
Medal: Mythical Senrir’s Commendation | Blazing Ruby


As far as leveling up, rush inquisitor to 50 for Aura of Conviction to extend a very nice buff to your allies, while leveling I recommend the use of component skills such as fireblast and lightning nova, and at later levels Mark of Dreeg and Devil Touched Ammo.

Once you max out Aura of Conviction, you can either 2:1 the occultist mastery and Word of Renewal or 1:1:1 and add in Curse of Frailty as well, at least until you hit 15 in Occultist, at which point also start investing into Blood of Dreeg for additional OA for allies as well as a second heal.

Once you hit 32 Occ and 50 Inquis you are for the most part done with your mastery bar, and from levels there on, invest in Word of Pain/Death Sentence, Word of Renewal modifiers, and Inquisitor Seal and Arcane Empowerment.

Ultimately you want to have most of your skills maxed out as listed in the grim calc link, and the purpose of all of these skills is to both support allies and debuff enemies.


  • Order Crossroads
  • Lion
  • Order Crossroads (remove point)
  • Ascendant Crossroads
  • Empty Throne
  • Primordial Crossroads
  • Eel
  • Bards Harp (Bound to Aura of Conviction)
  • Ulo, Keeper of the Waters (Bound to Dreegs Evil Eye)
  • Hound
  • Sailor’s Guide
  • Tree of Life (Bound to Azragorian Tactics)
  • Chaos Crossroads
  • Jackal
  • Vulture
  • Dying God (Bound to Solael’s Flame)
  • Aeon’s Hourglass(Bound to Dreadgaze)

As far as gearing goes, Anything you can use while leveling up, while level 94 focuses on extending as much support and debuffing as possible with every gear slot. and as for the greens I used in the link as well as Ravagers Dreadgaze and Pestilence of Dreeg with Plague of Shattered Souls, those are really steep asking requirements of players, and those can be replaced with whatever you feel will work in the meantime untill you can get them. That was me just squeezing out every possible ounce of resist reduction from the gear I had, it certainly works wonders if you can get them or have them however.

An alternative Build you can kind of squeeze in with some gear alterations is a Raddagans Deceiver since that sets introduction in

Said Raddagans variant:

Edit: Fixed some Items in the Grimtools link

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A fun set of items to go along with this concept (just for an alternative)


we actually used both for the most part til we got up in level, would wholly recommend Combat Medics Mark and the level 40 Apothecary set for early game

Makes me wish there was a mythical set of soothsayer. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity: Why the medal selection without a shield instead of the mythical medic medal? I know I’m probably missing the obvious…

Serenir’s( and mythical ver.) for the bonuses to WoR and Arcane Empowerment

Just a little idea:

What about taking 1pt DEE with the transmuter, partly for the 18% physical damage reduction debuff, partly for binding Cleansing Waters to it to use it as an on demand “nullification” rather than waste it on CoF since that you would spam left and right and proc CW mostly when you don’t even need it and have it on cd when you do.

that’s something I hadn’t considered having done. yeah it would make more sense to have that like that.

This build is one of the most underrated things I’ve ever had the joy of playing with in multiplayer and anyone who misses out on experiencing this with their friends is a big stupid dumb dumb head.

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I remember I loved playing support Witch Doctor in Diablo 3 - one of the few things that was fun in that game.

Very nice support build, few suggestions:

  • Your WoR got extra points in it
  • Aura of Censure is much much better in terms of support, both because of RR and Damage Reduction (unless you are playing with pierce builds)
  • Bloody Pox > Wasting is a monstrous supportive tool that is going to make life of your party much easier in deeper rifts of Shattered realm
  • Both Fateweaver chest and Shroud of Illusion provide far greater party bonuses. Also Divinesteel Hauberk is pretty huge in terms of buffing your party.
  • Your own DA should be top notch, you have to be last to fall. I recommend getting Ravager’s Eye augments in both weapon and off-hand and Runebound Topazes in rings and medal. Gotta reach at least 3300 DA with that kind of build

That suggestions are of course more relevant for the future expansion, modern Crucible can be melted with two chars anyway.

eh i think the huge OA/ phys resist bonus are great for a support character… plus there is a good chance you will be partied with another inquisitor that can cover censure :stuck_out_tongue:

I had suggested a few of these in private to him as well. Though I’m with Val that the physical resistance is actually fricken huge. Made the the difference between dying to Aleksander’s meteors and being tickled by them. Consider that some of his DA and OA will be buffed by party members as well. But yeah an updated version will come out later. This thing was UNGODLY to have in a group. I’ll also look into those alternate chest pieces though.

edit Looked at Shroud of Illusion again. I’m in love.
@the8anarchist I’d reduce the size of those bold letters at the start, they might trick people into feeling poorly about the build and they’d be missing out on something insane. "THIS IS NOT A SOLO BUILD. IT WAS MADE SOLELY FOR MULTIPLAYER. IT IS NEAR INCAPABLE OF FUNCTIONING ALONE. HOWEVER IT’S ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS MADE IN GD ACCORDING TO ADOOMGOD."

Edited accordingly for Now Solo Viable!

I’ll try and draft up a Raddagans Set link at some point in the next few days

Bumping because multiplayer members of this community ought to learn about the greatest supporter in the game. @the8anarchist if you’re still around you might want to edit the title to resemble the other mainstay build thread titles to get this more attention.

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Up! Pls someone can make pure support build for coop 2 peoples?

this would be that build. I and a friend originally designed it with co-op in mind

I run a very VERY similar support Deceiver build but DW Mythical Touch of Purity. In your experience (and anyone elses) is the 20% DA boost from Sacred Texts of Menhir more useful than the +Blood of dreeg and inquisitors skills and another instance of DoT quashing from having 2 Touch of Purity equipped?

I’d say only if you’re doing superbosses like Ravager and such where the 20% DA pretty much stops them from critting (and likely one shotting) you 2. touch of purity seems like its pretty novel for the double heal from the granted skill

Ive been in a constant state of indecision on that part of my build, since in order to DW touches i need to use a piece of gear that enables the DW, and thus miss out on a piece of gear in that slot that might also be better for the build

Hello, Sir. Is this build(grimtools link) from start post of topic valid for

pretty much, the patches haven’t done much to change how you build or gear up.