Hello world of Cairn

Hi I am new here I have played Grim Dawn for about 4 years approx 3k hours. I like to make and play builds that uses “special” features like monster green items and damage conversions and not use sets so much. I have discussed grim dawn on reditt before but wanted to try to interact on this forum now for a change. have a very nice day and thanks for considering me member here

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Welcome to your new home!

Welcome! :slight_smile: Here we don’t like complex green MI’s since without GDstash they are hard to replicate so the builds we share might not be played by others. Though one or two in a build combined with legendaries and sets are okay.

Also people(including me) here see the forum as some kind of a science journal but you can freely share what’s done by others before. Uniqueness is no better than having fun. So ignore us :slight_smile:

Thanks you I will try to learn how to create this nice build threads and start sharing my characters and perhaps get some feedback

why you not like I see many builds posted with double rare affix. Was it not a couple patches recently that increased and improved rare affix drops?

my idea is that if I get nice item I use it and if someone wanna make similar build I try to make proposals for what affix are good to change with

for example I have many good double rare green monster items but still no purple worldeater mace since drop chance is tiny and it can only drop from singular boss that is not accessible so easy

As I said, your fun is the key but you got me wrong. I meant too many GDstashed greens in a build but if you’re playing legit there is nothing to worry. And yes double rares are easier to access now so just ignore me I got your “I like MI’s” statement wrong too :rofl: Welcome again :slight_smile:

Is using GD stash not allowed on this place?

what I mean was if I find nice monster infrecuent item that has nice property I will try to build around that item to make it and the skill work well instead of usage of set

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Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

GDStash is fine, no worries. It’s one of the most popular threads here on the forum. It’s just that some of our elite builders make the very best MI’s they possibly can using it.


No, no. I messed it up I guess :weary: I’m gonna try to explain simpler because we have communication issues but no worries.

GDstash and all the moddings are welcome here and everywhere in the world.

If your build lacks some stats that can not be obtained from other items; ofc you should use right MI’s to make it better.

You can also share whatever you want in here as long as your attitude stays within the forum rules and common decency.

And for the last. I was just trying to imply that you should minimize youe MI use as it’s possible. You can use as much as you want ofc, it’s your build. Keep in mind that sometimes exact stats might not be obtainable for others so let’s say a build with 5-6 MI’s are out of reach for non-GDstash players. This is an extreme example ofc. I also use MI’s in my builds and other builders use them too. So there are no rules about MI’s nor any other thing about builds. Just that, builders here try to make builds with the minimal use of green monster infrequent items so other people can replicate the build more easily.

@Ulvar1 In layman’s terms, someone like me who refuses to use GDstash will find it very difficult to follow builds that use GDstashed MIs, because of how difficult ones with top-notch stats, or “rolls”, can be to acquire. And also just because i refuse to use GDstash doesnt mean I have anything against someone else using it. I just dont want to dip into it until I have achieved all the goals I set for myself in the game. Its just my own personal preference, and it most certainly does not make me better or worse than anyone else, and the same goes for everyone else. It will make following your build more difficult to do for those who don’t use GDstash is all.

I still enjoy reading about builds regardless of what they use so long as the theme and playstyle and flavor is fun and creative. I am always working on lots of janky builds (otherwise known as “meme builds”) that use interesting items just for the different gameplay experience. Not a huge fan of item sets either, apart from Apothecary’s!

You should share whatever you do- the community here is really great. Ive had a lot of awesome build discussions on here about things like Petrification builds to builds using only items that have disadvantageous Granted Skills (IE; effects that debuff you), and have gotten great inspiration from others. @MikeHeydon was probably the most influential poster on here for me. His approach to the game in this thread was a breath of fresh air for my own game experiences. I played Grim Dawn before I read it, but afterwards I REALLY played Grim Dawn! Also, more recently, @cowANDfish in this post.

I look forward to seeing what you share!


Welcome to forum!

Also saw you in one of my build topics, cheers mate :slightly_smiling_face:


I still read this as you dictate how I should make builds and play game.

I know this already

It almost feels like I get attacked and accused even before I have posted builds. From what I have read builds here some of the most popular build creators use several impossible Monster Items and also use GD stash so why should I bother about that? I play no GD stash or mods and I play with items I find and wanna show what I made with them. If that is not ok then I won’t post them or people say if I can make alternative then I can try of course

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My delivery and approach may not have been the best. Im certainly no authority here. I didnt know you already knew. I thought you may have been new to the game because i havent interacted with you here before, but I was wrong, and for that I apologize.

Using builds with double rare MIs was frowned upon for a long time - especially when these had ideal affixes - because they practically did not drop in the game. Crate changed that to some extent with patch v1.1.7.0 in June.

And if you just use what you have found, your MIs will hardly have the perfect affix combination, but reflect a realistic mix. Crate will certainly be happy to see people using MIs more and posting such builds. Looking forward to see yours :wink:


I wrote first that I have played about 3000 hours and have been on reddit before but wanted to try use forum.

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Yes, it appears I misunderstood being new to the forums as being new to the game, which is totally my bad- sorry man! I am hoping my poor responses havent discouraged you from participating in the forums here as that was absolutely not my intention and I am hoping you can forgive me for this. Re-reading, I could see how it would be annoying especially since you did state in the OP youve been playing for a long time. Literally no clearer way you could have expressed that so that is 100% on me.

Lesson learned- stop trying to participate in forums discussions at work. :grimacing:

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hope guys think the builds I posts are fine and not too crazy with MIs :slight_smile: