Help requested for a Dagallon's firestrike purifier (Resolved)

Hey guys.

I have this DW firestrike purifier build ( that I tweaked for my taste based on this build (

Any advice on how to improve it or anything that comes to your mind regarding changes to skills, devotions and items that makes the build better overall would be appreciated.

Final Edit: The concluded build is ( and I consider it final. It’s both offensively and defensively in a very good spot with more than 2.6K armor (even more if you craft the craft-able items with an armor percentage bonus up to 3K) , 2.6K DA, 13K HP, 3K OA and more than enough damage output which can be even better with good rolls on armor pieces.

The build is capable of easily below my first clear time of crucible 150-170 on gladiator of 8 minutes. I went in totally blind without knowing what to expect…

Also lokarr kill in 13.5 seconds…

I’m currently using the same build (the original one) and thought exactly at those item replacement (except maybe for ulzuin shoulders - how u feel with them?)

I love the build but I find it too squishy. I’ll be looking for any improvement.

You need some defense in order to survive with otherwise squishy build.

So I will try maximize my damage and use life steal. Revenant is a must, also Ghoul and maybe restless remains in gloves , optional.

In previous posted builds, I noticed problem. Since build can’t stack much armor, it’s good to have respectable physical resistance. What I mean is for example Sailors guide and Jackal devotions, also pants with physical, like Legplates of Valor. So just these can grant you 10% extra!

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I also found Mythical Thread of Mortality to be a huge boost to survival to this build - not only 7% life steal, but mainly the passive proc giving 50% lifesteal on being hit. Sure you lose quite some damage, but that’s surely not what this build misses.

I personally am building towards the third build I linked in the first post…
I think the pants currently used in the build are defensive enough and by taking sailors guide or revenant devotions I’ll be sacrificing too much damage…

I honestly could not find a BiS shoulders for the build so I went for the more obvious one being ulzuin’s shoulders since mythical cortosian scrolls do not give much other than some elemental percentages and resistances and pluses to skills the build does not use…

Revenant have life steal, but also the flat RR let you skip purple points and elemental storm. Also racial bonus against undead is nice. In Crucible and SR, bonus against Reaper. In campaign DoT and Moosi. And don’t forget attack speed, so Revenant is huge offensively as well defensively.

Sailors guide gives you physical resistance, but also slow, which is valuable for any auto attacker.

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So which devotions do you reckon I should replace with for example revenant or sailors guide for that matter?
Also I have ditched elemental storm alltogether because of 4 set piece bonus and hand of ultos proc.

Can’t see devotions from my phone, but depends on damage type you want to focus. I haven’t try building fire/ lightning combo

But on pure lightning must are Widow, Ultos, Ghoul, Hawk, Revenant. Also if you take Hydra some points and Sailors guide or jackal.

In fire you can take both Magi, Ulzuin and still take Revenant and others. I am not sure how much flat you can get this way. Also probable is route with one fire proc and Dying God for crit damage and attack speed.

Current devotions are Ultos, crab, solemn watcher, eel, bard’s harp, hawk, quill, hydra, ghoul, chariot, witchblade.

Chariot is useful for casters with big CDR. 7 points for 5 in return is bad investment and proc will be available probably 40% or so ?

Bards Harp, same thing. It’s caster stuff or if you have monster CDR. You already have slow from Hydra. Energy regen and arcane spark in medal will be enough.
Crab is nice, but isn’t much in any of the range damage routes.

Anyway, your route is very solid offensively, but I think it can be better defensively. Your bread and butter as ranged character is Inquisitor Seal combined with Life Steal.

Changed the devotions a bit but my resistances and OA got tanked a bit so I had to improvise…

are you not allowed to use Green items?

I prefer not to use greens…

why not? 10chars

heres the ones I tooled up a bit back. i never got around to testing it…
lvl 18 inq seal for safety

Because green is aetherial color and we wanna fight against aetherials, not be friends with them.

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If you can’t beat them, join them :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think i should put some point from somewhere into flashbang and searing light?

The fumble on Searing Light adds another layer of defence. Personally I feel that you need every bit of defence you can get with this build.

Here’s where I’m currently at: