Help requested for a Dagallon's firestrike purifier (Resolved)

Dude the reason behind following a guide is that the build you play towards is tested by some people and is somewhat better than what you build from scratch. Also you can’t find the build I’m using anywhere else because I’ve tailored it to my liking based on other’s ideas and my own theory-crafting.

Damn even this ( is better on paper by just looking at it… at least it has 2.9k DA and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

By the way no armor piece is easy to get in this game unless it is guaranteed to drop from a mob. I can counter what you said about getting Dagallon’s full set 3 times over about darkblaze, justicar and ulzuin set to the point that I wanted to change my build altogether…

With the Darkblaze Set giving -25 to Curse of Fraility and Firestrike bound to Eldritch Fire you get another -35 Chaos resistance. That is the reason why i have killed all the Nemesis bosses with A Darkblaze Pyromancer. Giants Blood counters the low DA. Hungering Void bound to curse of Frailty deals insane Chaos damage to Firestrike. But you need the Medal Mythical Blood Sigl of Ch’Thon which converts 70% fire damage to Chaos Damage to Firestrike. With -60 Chaos Resistance and Very High Chaos Damage to Firestrike it makes the DarkBlaze Pyromancer one of the best builds in the game.

There is no reason behind following a guide, you are playing Someone else’s
game. All you are doing is slightly tweaking another persons game at best. Building characters is all about your own imagination. This is the reason why i play the game and have put 5000 plus hours into it.

‘Damn even this ( is better on paper by just looking at it… at least it has 2.9k DA and that’s nothing to sneeze at.’

That build is using Greens. I never post Greens in a build, i use double rare Greens but never post them in a build. I also swap between the Voidheart and Entropic coil for far more damage, but you will die much more often. You need a life steal of at least 15% and over 50% plus Critical Damage to gain health with Critical Attacks. Without you will die and the build becomes a burden.

You can check out the DPS of my Pyromancer.

Dude, pure dps shown on your character sheet does not factor in many things such as WPS… the whole point of a purifier is stacking WPS up to 100% chance to use, for the procs. That’s why dps on a purifier may look low.

By the way almost anyone knows pyromancers are glass cannons, at least purifiers have a bit of sustain and facetank mobs as long as they are inside the seal.

Also this thread is about purifier builds and items revolving them not a pyromancer build and moreover comparing them and winning people over which is better. In the end there seems to be no point in argueing about following guides with you because you don’t get the point… people don’t have 5000 hours to put into a game and have enough time for other activities, and that’s the main point about following a guide beside other things… if you’re so sure about your “theorycrafted” build post it here on the forums and see other people’s feedback that know more about a pyromancer than me and bother to say anything.

Anyway, thank you for posting your opinion.

‘people don’t have 5000 hours to put into a game and have enough time for other activities’

Yes, that is a very reasonable comment. My own obsession is due to me having broken my spine in 3 places in a car crash a few years back. Thank god that Crate allow me to play this game with a JoyPad in front of my TV, otherwise it would be impossible for me.

‘if you’re so sure about your “theorycrafted” build post it here on the forums’

I have posted a build to kill the Avatar of Mogdrogen on ultimate.
My “theorycrafted” builds work in practice as i have proven with screen shots.

and one for beginners.

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Your Shoulders, Gloves and Boots are doing nothing for your build. You are not using any of the skills associated with these 3 pieces. If you used the Shoulder guards of Justice they would at least increase your Armour and absorption by 15% combined with the hand-guards of justice…

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Sorry to hear about your accident.

Thing is every build in this game can be improved further and everyone has their own opinion on what is best.

Let’s not forget that we play games for fun and not to be obsessed about what is best. The point of people trying to improve builds is to make having fun easier instead of getting frustrated because things don’t work as intended.

Have fun.

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These three pieces are becoming the bane of my existence. This is what I’ve come up with (

I’ve search the item database for other pieces for those three slots and haven’t come up with any other solution other than having 2 justice pieces on hand and shoulder and keeping Stormtitan Treads because of the resistances on it. I’ve even thought about replacing the pants for Ignaffar pants but even that does not improve things much…

Any ideas on these 4 slots?

I have all the pieces for the Dagallon’s build. I must spend some time and rebuild the character and post it to you. The inquisitor skills i like using the most are Deadly Aim and my favorite one is Death Sentence.

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This is the Purifier i designed some time ago ago when i gave up on the Daggallons Set.
He is a Mortar Trap Purifier. Will lay down 5 Mortar Traps very quickly.

Do you play on Steam? If so i can set up a Multiplayer with password and give you some gear for your build.

Nah man I’m fine with items… I’ve already gathered most of the set pieces and items while farming for Dagallon’s set.

Meanwhile I tweaked the build even further to this ( Quite satisfied with it now.

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You made a good character. Really good OA and DA and good Armour and Critical Damage going up to + 70% is excellent especially with such a high Offence Ability. Massive Critical damage dealer with good life steal will certainly keep this character alive.

Do you get much use out of Ghoulish Hunger (100% at 45 % Health).

Your Amulet was a good find. Why is Firestrike bound to Hand of Ultos and not Eldritch Fire?

The Ring set works well with your build. Now time for some Nemesis hunting.

The whole Ghoul constellation is a good pick because of adcth, health percentage and regen let alone the proc which saves life.

The only problem I have with the build now is the abysmal energy regen sitting at 8 and that’s partly because of the rings I swapped to, the previous ones gave a bit of regen at least, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. With such a low energy regen I have to use potions all the time to keep up with the high energy usage of the build…

The only thing remaining is the pants, maybe replace it with a MI with “of kings” suffix and “tempest” affix for the price of loosing OA, armor and health regen for getting a bit more damage, adcth and resistances. Maybe it’s not worth it…

Now that the build is somewhat final, I guess I can post it for others to use.

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I never used the Ghoul constellation but i can now see how it will work now with a Firestrike build. The pants work well with the build. High Armour and High OA and Health Regen. It is a very good build now from a weak build initially. The only thing i would change personally is i would map Firestrike to Eldritch Fire and Storm Spread to Hand of Ultos.

I am going to test out your build in a few days After i finish my Nightblade Dunefiends Build, I am stuck between choosing Oathkeeper or Occultist for the build.

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Build looks good, Sam! I really noticed a difference when I added the 2 Justicar pieces, very solid defensively now. I like that Kai ammy too, gonna have to try and farm him more to get a good drop. He’s such a PITA to find though, but I do have my own Kai search pattern, just not nearly as reliable as others like Moose, Alex and Fab.

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i find a lot of help here that any other thread in this forum so thanks to y’all. definitely will try some of your theories and ideas as i build other characters.


Thanks man.

It took more than a month to finalize the build but IMO it was worth it, especially when I see others get inspired by the whole process and learn something out of it.

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Thank you CyanSam, you did the impossible and changed my mind about reading other peoples builds. Your build was the first one i ever analysed fully. I also built a Dagallons Firestrike Purifier but he was useless compared to your one. Excellent Work CyanSam. You have determination in spades.