Help with devotions for TSS Warlock

Ignoring the gear I put on there for now how are the devotions for my TSS warlock?

I thought about going for Aeon’s Hourglass but surely it isn’t worth even resetting like a 2 second cooldown? Is it worth squeezing in rumor some how for the cold RR?

Also if you have a few odd point laying around where do you guys normally put them? I like to ram them into nullification and mirror just to get the cooldown lower. Is it ever worth raising the base skill for IEE; it seems like overload and elemental balance are both great but the main skill not so much.

This is how I run the TSS wlock’s devotions.

Rumor is certainly worth it, cold is a pretty high portion of your total damage.

I play a lot of glass cannon builds because I like fast crucible times, if you’re not used to the glass cannon playstyle you can de-glassify it by going for full physique instead of spirit dumping. Or by investing some more in defensive tools like Arcane Will or MoE.

I can’t really play this game, if Arcanist is one of the two masteries of my character, without 10/10 Nullification. It’s such a big speed, survivability and QoL (= radius) improvement for me that I just can’t sacrifice its skill points for other things.

Same goes for 10/10 Curse of Frailty if the Occultist mastery is in the mix.

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Oh okay thank you how good is blizzard? Never used it before seems like it triggers a lot when bound to trozans though. Does each meteor triggers devotion chance or is it just 1?