Help with ironing out kinks in Firewave Commando

you have low physical res. one ring is missing augment, slow res is bad

crucible you need to use blessings

diamond + blast shield can be overkill

here are some changes that I did

Didn’t realize i never put an augment on when i switched out that ring. Haha. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll try some of your changes and see how it helps. I am curious what the purpose of the devotion changes are. We swap out 10 or so reduced res and some damage from elemental storm proc to pick up Raise the Dead, and finish kraken for some health and cast speed that allows us to switch some points from vindictive flame (and stayed capped on cast speed), to thermite mine. But in the end we have less resist reduction. Or am i missing something?

Thanks again for the ideas. Will try boosting Physical res and slow res. That epic ring suggestion was good, still hold on to some skill disrupt resist while swapping in better pants.

Edit: Regarding the switch to raise undead from elemental storm, i guess in the end we only end up 1 res reduction lost, but the proc does damage too… still seems odd to me.

That reduced resistance reduction mechanics on Viper is not that effective, plus you get that mechanic with the ring Eternal Band which also give you skill disruption which allows you to change pants.

Remember that you can get slowed, and have mutators in crucible, so having some overcapped casting speed will make you maintain good speed even with debuffs on you.

But the one from viper and the one from elemental storm are mutually exclusive. viper is still there, we lost elemental storm. plus the res reduction on the ring is a fair bit less than either viper or raise undead/elemental storm

Ok. over capping cast speed makes sense. that would be helpful.Either way the ring is a better choice than the one i was using.

“x% reduced” is not that effective.

If you are relying on damage from Elemental storm then its something wrong with the build :stuck_out_tongue:

Completion of revenant is needed to get that devotion tree

you should invest more into mines, since they will change with the next patch.

I got you. I see the reasoning now, just wasn’t understanding the purpose of the changes at first. Thanks for explaining.

Hey, I did something from a guy from our discord recently, maybe you can use it. Maybe change jewellery augments to Arcanum Dust (or two).

Interesting. My end goal was to use the Mythical light’s oath for converting pierce to fire. I also thought about including cinderplate but was concerned that the OA, and DA loss was too much. Your build overall has much lower OA, and DA, do you find that is an issue? Also, is 7% life leech enough? I’m struggling to stay standing with like double that. it performs well in crucible? Main game is a moot point as even my current rendition face rolls everything in it. I also love that you managed to squeeze phoenix in there… I’m a huge sucker for anything with damage absorption. Maybe i’m just a very poor pilot so it lets me tank more? hahaha.

Thanks again for the input.

Edit: One more question - Is the dps boost from enchanted flint better than more resists from seal of blades/might?

Tbh, that spec was barely tested and it probably needs some tweaking. I might test it myself after the patch. It’s a draft, you can try it out yourself and maybe tweak something here and there.

Sounds good. I’ve gotten quite a few good ideas between the two of you. Thanks much.

Well let me know how it goes, I am gonna level up a new Commando soon xD

This is what i’m using now, based on suggestions from a couple of you. The Invokers shocking touch is just a stand in with the Res i need, cast speed, and a little % dmg increase, until i can find either Mythical light’s oath, or a Mythical Eternal band. Still need a Mythical Sigil of the Bear King, but that really only adds another 15% crit damage to forcewave.

Even with 22% physical resists (up from 13%), almost capped slow res (caps when Harp Proc goes off), and higher over cap on all resists, I still get destroyed trying to finish the last wave of crucible… On challenger!! What else can i do at this point? Maybe i should swap Diamond out for Leather Hide to get my stun Res back up? But it really feels like a damage mitigation/recovery issue. I just get over ran with the 4 nemesis almost every time, regardless of who it spawns. Seems absurd that i can’t finish challenger crucible even with almost all BiS gear.


Very similar to my own from pre-FG. Except I used Candle for Lotus and Jackal for two nodes in Kraken. And he still had Elemental Balance rings last time I checked, and Korvaak relic for double Blitz, lol. Non-myth Blood Sigil is worth considering over the auto-pick Bear King. That Iron Maiden is a pain.

Forgefire got the no-energy nerf which sucks a lot for this build.

Loving the Cinderplate Girdle (I used it, too) and the perfect fit Light’s Oath.

Agree with that, gotta be tested (medal). Forgefire is just because it’s an older grimtools link, Arcanum Dust all the way.

you guys both thing Cinderplate + Light’s Oath is the way to go? Definitely would be a big dps boost with rending force nearly maxed. I thought i remembered korvaaks deception having a second blitz ability… took a hiatus and now it is just a crappy single target skill.

Why is blood sigil worth using? just for more flat fire? As for my build dps seems plenty, i just die too easy still, despite several defensive layers.

to kill pesky humans faster

Aah. That does make sense fabius + iron maiden sucks.

On the op setup with 3.2 base oa plus full Flashbang and Fighting Spirit, Bear King medal with might be better, even offensively, due to crit dmg that’s lacking. 2 ranks to Rending also give lots of flat with Cinder belt and Light’s Oath ring. Hard to say without testing. Blood Sigil is just a suggestion.

I’m not too sold on using BwC here, though. Shar’Zul already has flat oa shred. But that devo path by Mad Lee looks good…And BwC is useful for devo proccing which fire builds always have some trouble with.

Btw I’m wondering how Firewave is doing across classes now. Warlord is probably better. In AoM tactician outperformed commando but this might not be the case anymore with the new mines and other stuff.

Although I never played with fire Forcewave (only phys), I have to say that your build looks pretty solid at this point…

I don’t know how much Crucible you have played up until now, but maybe your issues are a more matter of experience? Personally, I had a lot of difficulties surviving Gladiator Crucible for a long time, simply because I didn’t know how to navigate it safely (with an overly reckless playstyle being the most important problem).

Something that definitely helped me with that (apart from watching videos of pros like Mercymaker & John_Smith) was this awesome Crucible guide by sir_spanksalot, so if you haven’t read that one yet, I would definitely recommend doing it :slight_smile:
Whilst, at first glance, it contains a somewhat overwhelming amount of info, it’s good to try and remember at least 2-3 of his points every time you play.

Some tips I remember from playing with a Forcewave char myself: 1. in dangerous situations, attack from the middle-distance. Forcewave is a ranged attack, and that is a big part of its defensive plan. 2. don’t kite too little – but don’t kite too much, either! You need to deal dmg to leech life from your enemies. 3. lure strong enemies into narrow pathways like the one behind the balustrades in the Crucible of the Dead or in the center of the Cruc./Deeps to a) prevent being surrounded (less damage taken) and b) line up your enemies in a neat line (more Forcewave dmg dealt).

I hope this helps :see_no_evil:

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m sure inexperience is partially to blame. I used to run Crucible (challenger, as i am trying now) pretty reliably before FG came out. I’ll give that a solid read over and see if i’m making any glaring mistakes. Just based on skimming over it once, it seems i have been choosing maps that were way too open, i’m sure that doesn’t help seeing how forcewave has a relatively narrow AoE path.