Help with my built

Good Day,

Please, could someone look at my built and tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you very much

You didn’t write what enemies / stage of the game are you having problems with Objectively, your Pierce resistance is wrong. You might also be having problems with sustain (regaining health that you lost which can be achieved with Wendigo Totem health restoration, attack damage converted to health or life regeneration). There are guides on this forum with this build optimized for Grim Dawn’s challenges if you’re interested bu maybe you’d prefer to make tweaks on your own.

You are right, My Pierce resistance is really bad and Acid, Chaos and Aether are not very good.

I am on Ultimate and I am going into the last DLC Age of Malmouth. My main problem is as you rightly pointed out my health regeneration. i have been playing this game for 1,151.3 hours and I Can’t find out how to do this. Almost all my characers have that problem. What do I have to do?

I am very interested to know where those guides are. Where should I go?

Thank you very much for your help and time.

For started if you uput points into Wendigo Totem and Blood Pact, even 1/1, and use them you’d notice a huge difference.
Even more Health sustain can be found in components and the devotion tree if needed.

Thank you very much, I will look at this built that looks similar to mine.

As for health regen in this built I see this skill and its modifier and will add it. What about Health regen in other characters? in general where do you get health regen?

This build in particular doesn’t really heal from Health Regen but rather Attack Damage converted too Health stat that it gains from:

  • components

    • Seal of Blades in weapon

    • Restless Remains in gloves

      • not in every variant though
  • Blood Pact aura from Wendigo Totems

  • devotions such as Revenant and Ghoul

Also Wendigo Totem restores some part of Health Bar every second but it’s secondary to the healing I mentioned above.

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Thank you again

You can read more about Attack Damage converted to Health in the second chapter of the following guide:


holy crap i thought that was lost, it’s in google doc format :hushed: :+1:


Ha thought you knew - people were pretty quick to access Google caches of the guide when he first 86’d it before that too disappeared.

tqFan first posted it (I think) in Nery’s Mechanics guide thread -

– all the way down at the bottom of the thread.


:rofl: that’s even funnier since i have Nery’s replacement bookmarked, somehow i must have missed the final post :laughing::man_facepalming: