Help with PRM Elemental Arcanist Build

Is there where I post questions about a build in progress? Hope so. If not please redirect me and I’ll delete and repost to the appropriate spot. New to Grim Dawn and the Crate Forums. If able, type out acronyms in your responses as I may not be familiar with everything.

Current proposed Skill / Devotion on Grim Tools:

Mage Hunter with Ghoul

Mage Hunter with Crab and Hyrian

Wanting to make an Arcanist that uses Panetti’s Replicating Missile and the tri-elemental aspect of it. Open to suggestions on second class, leaning towards Inquisitor so that would be a Mage Hunter. Playing hardcore, no mods. Currently level 54. Have yet to beat the game, and this is my highest level character. I have a medal that converts 100% Aether to tri-elemental damage. Plan on using it until I can replace it with gear that has the same conversion effect.

Questions about second class / skills / devotions / stats / gear below.

If I want to focus on tri-elemental damage, is that viable at the end game? Is there a best arcanist second class for that? Inquisitor? Occultist? Necromancer? I read that minus resists is important, so leaning towards Inquisitor for Aura of Censure. Would that work well with PRM? Is there something I’m missing that makes this thing a failure to launch? Just checking to make sure I’m going down the right path first.

I had a lot of spare points that I dumped into things like Mirror or Ereoctes, Conversion, and Vigor. I have no idea if it’s good. Figured I would err on the side of defensive skills available. Open to suggestions on skill changes.

If I wanted to use Blind Sage (Elemental Seeker) and Attak Seru (Arcane Currents), what would I bind them to? Rhowan’s Crown seems like a must for Elemental Storm. Would I need something like Ghoul, Wendigo, or Bat to have enough life steal at the end game to survive?

Are there skills best suited to attach these devotion procs to? I was considering Word of Pain for Elemental Storm, Storm Box of Elgoloth for either Arcane Currents or Elemental Seeker, and PRM for the other one. Open to suggestions on these. Then probably Maiven’s Sphere for Ghoul.

I assume I put everything into Physique? Is there a world where I go Spirit?

Since I’m playing hardcore, focus on survivability first? DA, max resists, with everything after going into OA, elemental dmg, and total speed? Do I need to seek out HP / Physique in gear as well? + to Arcanist skills at every opportunity is my current goal.

Final Thoughts:
I’ve currently hit a wall where I have to choose my second class. I think I’ve maxed out Arcanist skills and am ready to spec into something else. I think I need skills that count as attacks for the devotions I’m looking at to proc. If I have too many questions to be answered, then let’s boil it down to this - would my proposed Grim Tools build work well late game? Do I need to rethink the whole thing with a new second class? Thanks to everyone who read this far. Really looking forward to the feedback. Very open to proposed changes.


I’m working on something similar, also PRM on hardcore with a Warlock. I selected Occultist because you apply RR at range, but it’s also challenging because it also lends itself to a build with very few keybinds and that makes for a tricky devo path. Mage Hunter is for sure more tanky, but I like the simplicity of Warlock. Just maintain BoD, use PRM and CoF. Super easy.

The issue with Sage + Seru path is that it badly lacks OA. But I very much see the value in using Sage alone with a green path.

This is @mad_lee’s take on a PRM Mage Hunter: [] Expelliarmus! 5:20m Crucible 150-170, SR 75-76 facetank PRM Mage Hunter[c+][sr+][vid]

My untested Warlock variant is also in that thread: as well as a Sorcerer from @djnat :

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I played the Panetti sorceress more in the last week, and I tried to optimize things a bit to suit my playstyle preferences. There are multiple ways to build this character, this is just my cup of tea.


5 craftable items: go for full slow resistance. I could even post my own guide on the forums because it’s one of my favourite characters at the moment, but we’ll see.

It’s a super glassified version because I like its crucible performance, but there are multiple ways you can de-glassify it to run special content or higher SR shards: softcap mirror, use Eternity relic, go for more physique investment to get some more life and better DA, et cetera… you know the tricks. :wink:

Oh, man, are you sure Panetti Wand isn’t better here? It’s super massive for PRM’s damage.

I tried it, and I felt the single target (which is the only thing the build struggles with sometimes, since the AOE is phenomenal) was slightly better with Warpfire because a great part of PRM’s damage is fire and the RR debuff seems to do its dirty work on some Nemesis fights. +1 to both masteries on Warpfire is super good too, the only thing I was reluctant to lose was the CDR on Panetti wand but the tradeoff seemed nice at the end.

Weird, but I guess it’s Sorc!

So what’s the best timer?

Build is averaging around 5:15-5:20 in 150-170, my best timer was 4:58 with some good mutators but I’m far from being a top tier pilot. Maybe if some of the crazy ones here (including you :smiley: ) test this stuff they will come out with better results.

In the weekend I’ll try to record some runs.

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