Herb Garden for mid- to late-game

I think having something like a herb garden building that can grow medicinal herbs and roots would be very useful for mid- to-late game. It would decrease the reliance on gathering while also maintaining a steady supply of these resources for towns with higher populations.


Seconded. There’s just no reason why herbs and medicinal roots couldn’t be cultivated in gardens, like it has been done by monasteries in the middle ages.

Also orchards should have the added option to plant nut trees (walnuts, chestnuts etc.) for a significant and steady nut supply.



Being able to grow our own nuts would be fantastic.


OMG, so many bad jokes come to mind.


I just reread my comment, and, yeah, the jokes practically write themselves!

i suggested this months back, got no reply.

As pointed out in the Posting Feedback tips thread:

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maybe a way that the healer building can cover its own costs somewhat by developing their own herb garden

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I look forward to the foraging station upgrade when it comes out. Additionally, willow branches Also, if the fishing rest area is upgraded, it would be nice to be able to upgrade it to a continuous fishing or fish farm using nets and traps.

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Yeah. Or even move herbs deposits like blueberry bushes so that we can cultivate our own little herb garden