Here are a few Diablo-clones I've enjoyed (Links inside!).

From the moment I played Legend Of Mir (a Korean isometric MMORPG) I have been obsessed with ARPGs. Specifically top down or isometric ARPGs. Some examples are Diablo, Path Of Exile, Titan Quest and Sacred.

When I first started playing this sort of game I would finish it (to the point of having an OP character) and then look for something else. The only problem (and still is to a certain extent) is that a good ARPG can be difficult to come across. One that satisfies the urge to farm for epic items, the urge to make an OP character and the urge for great gameplay and all from a top down view!

Lists found on youtube and RPG websites are good, but they usually include games that I don’t see fit my criteria. For example I will put ARPG list into google and many sites list games like Borderlands! A great game yes, but not an ARPG I am after.

So, if you’re a Grim Dawn , Diablo or Titan Quest fan, here are some of my favourite (they don’t always get good reviews…) ARPGs I’ve played over the years.

(if you have a suggestion please list it and I will check it out / add it to the list!)

Diablo 2 + Lord of Destruction Expansion
Diablo 3 + Reaper Of Souls Expansion
Torchlight 2
Path Of Exile
Grim Dawn
Titan Quest + Immortal Throne Expansion
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut
Marvel Heroes
Sacred Gold
Sacred 2 + Fallen Angel Expansion
Victor Vran
Dungeon Siege 2
Pillars Of Eternity
Legend - Hand Of God
Dungeon Hunter series (mobile)
Realms Of Ancient War
Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition
Sacred 3

Not played:
Five: Guardians Of David
Tree Of Savior
Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem
Viking: Wolves of Midgard

Not yet available:
Lost Ark
Lineage Eternal

Since when Victor Vran, Sacred 3, Darkspore, Gauntlet, Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity became diablo clones?

They’re not really. Poor choice of title wording.

Calm down. Thanks for the useful input.

If you have Divinity: Original Sin in that list, then you’re missing the original Divinity games. :wink:

Blade and Sword (great diablo2 clone) (he used diablo 2 and sound effects music in this video)


Hinterland (simple arpg with town building)

Replayed NOX recently. Still an awesome and fun game.

Victor Vran and Gauntlet are similar to Van Hellsing, Diablo, Titan Quest. However many people call Planescape Torment, Baldur’s Gate, Divinity Original Sin as similar games to Diablo-esque playstyle while this is obviously not the case.

Thanks for the list. Some of these I haven’t heard of.

Just a few quick comments:

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel is the base game. The expansion was called Ice & Blood. Highly recommend Sacred 2 Gold (game + expansion). I’ve modded the heck out of it too.

Being turn-based, Divinity:Original Sin doesn’t really fit the bill but its predecessors Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity certainly do. They were also a good stepping stone from pure hack-n-slash to more dialogue-based RPG’s with more depth.

Also there are Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition, and its sequel, Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms. These games have some interesting elements not seen in other ARPG’s.

There are others but I can’t recommend them with a good conscience. Stay away from Loki: Heroes of Mythology, for instance.

Ha! Finally someone mentions Dungeon Siege 2. That game had a lot of potential.

original Dungeon siege games were alot better imo. However the graphics is very dated now.

Two Worlds which got me into RPG games to start with and Two Worlds II, though I haven’t played the latter yet.

Also Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur was fairly fun.

Divine Divinity, the first of the game series is still by far the best.

Everyone that enjoyed D2 should atleast check it out.

D:OS still an incredible game though, sunk 100 hours into that without even realizing it

problem with DS2 was that GPG released the modding tools ~2 years after the games expansion pack. which meant the community was dead . just DEAD when they did it. nobody used it to do anything . there is one half finished map mod thats it.

the game had such ridiculous potentia. with hack/mods that allowed for 8 or 16 players and many custom classes and pets and more.

if they had put in the effort to release the modding tools WITH the original game release. we’d be comparing everything to DS2 - crate was smart to get the modding tools out sooner than later. even though they are pretty basic.

DS1 even has a strong modding community and is host to multiple complete and total conversions.

I vastly prefer Dungeon Siege 2 over the first game. The first game felt too automatic and hardly involving. I just watched the fights and hardly had input on them. In the second game at least i could pick my targets manually and the special powers were a great addition.

Not to mention the boss battles were much better, boss battles where i actually had to pay attention to what the bosses were doing and had to dodge those attacks because they would deal heavy damage if not dodged. I wish more bosses in GD were like this, a big chunk of them is just facetanking and wailing on each other until either the player or the enemy is dead.

There’s some good Dungeon Siege 2 mods. KillerGremal made a lot of them.

There’s also a mod that converts all the Dungeon Siege 1 maps into the DS2 engine. I highly recommend it as it means you can import your save and play the same character throughout the entire series.

Stay away from Loki: Heroes of Mythology, for instance.

While I partially agree with you, there are some people who really liked that game, as strange as it may seem. Everyone has their own tastes, somehow Loki does a few things well enough that some people are able to overlook the bad. I didn’t despise the game, it has its ups and downs. There are quite a lot of skills to choose from, tons of items, good loot, but the game is far from balanced from what little I was able to tolerate. Crafting looked interesting, seemed quite good actually but I never got far enough to see if it really was. Two separate “level” bars, one for attributes one for skills and 3 deities to align allegiance with (3 for every class), an interesting idea but it made it extra work for leveling and I could never enjoy it because of that. Also no modding or at least, no “easy” modding like TQ/GD/TL, soooo I couldn’t fix what I hated. Buuuut it’s a dollar when it goes on sale on steam. Can’t go wrong to check it out for a dollar.

Similarly, I really enjoyed GREED, even though I know some people give it a ton of shit. But for me, Greed is one of the best sci-fi isometric arpgs I’ve played (one of the only ones at that tbh). Greed’s item system was pretty lame, the equivalent of components were pretty awful… but the game has a sick soundtrack and the mindless violence for about 3 hours. Skill system was basic, but interesting. It wasn’t balanced at all from what I remember but… I actually enjoyed it. Again, for a buck during steam sales, it’s worth a playthrough with a friend imo.

No one mentioned Silverfall, which is also pretty good. Not great, but a good one if you are sick of the other ARPGs out there and waiting for Wolcen or something else. Silverfall has this tech vs nature thing going on, and you get various benefits for siding with one or the other… and then you have diff races with their own bonuses, plus a interesting skill tree that lets you go for “any” class combo you want, more freedom than GD or TQ in that regard. Wanna be a melee fighter with a heal? do it. An elementalist with some ranged abilities? Can probably do it. A tank with some vampire powers? Yup. Never got into the expansion though, for some reason when I imported my characters it spawned me in an area so high level I could do nothing. Gave up after a shortwhile, but the game was alright, probably better than the other two I mentioned (imo).

Dungeon Lords… the new one on steam. Kinda fits the bill? Recently played through this in hopes that it wasn’t bugged like the previous versions… lo and behold, I played a full playthrough in multiplayer with only a few crashes! Lol. Really enjoyed this game, if you want a light DnD experience and dungeon crawling, this is probably it. Don’t hate me for enjoying it, it was actually really cool. :slight_smile:

PS: I feel like you should remove Darkspore from the list, as it cannot be played anymore. Servers are offline. :frowning: RIP Darkspore.

Median XL turns D2 into a brand new game. If you can get past the over the top flashy attack effects it is one of the best ARPG single player experiences out there.

Yeah, I guess. I mean I did manage to finish the Greek campaign, so it wasn’t unplayable. It was just so grindy and monotonous and DULL. When I started the Amazon campaign and the maps were the same identical empty green meadows I’d been seeing the whole game, I finally gave up.

Out of curiosity, what would YOU rank dead-last of the Diablo clones? I can’t think of many worse than Loki. The Chosen: Well of Souls and Legend: Hand of God were kind of blah and are rightfully forgotten by most, but even they were a cut above Loki.

Good call on mentioning Silverfall. I finished it + the expansion last year and it was satisfying, though not crying out for a replay any time soon.

Viking: Wolves of Midgard and Zombasite added.

Blade & Sword bored me to tears. No weapons or armor to find, at ALL. Very limited or no character customization and no/very limited loot are killers for me.

Nox was great though. Devilian looks like p2w. Am I wrong? i don’t/won’t play MMO’s so i only have the website to go by.

The Risen series, Revenant, Numen: Contest of Heroes, Anito, Evil Islands, Soulbringer, Fable series, Hellgate:London, Jade Empire, Din’s Curse, Depth’s of Peril, Fate series are more with varying degrees of good/suck depending on the persons tastes.

Silverfall which was mentioned also has an expansion called Earth Awakening.