Hidden stat on ranged weapons

Please make 100 % chance to pass through enemies stat on ranged weapons visible in game. It is such an important stat yet it is not visible. This has led me many times to disregard weapons that have it as not that good because I did not know about it. It will be more beginner friendly.

  • Yes, unhide this stat.
  • No, leave it as it is.

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One should not have to either test every freaking ranged weapon, or having to consult Grim Tools.


Yeah +1 for sure, such a bad ass trait needs to proudly be displayed!


It’s was a nice discovery before GT is updated when new items are dropped, which I assume is the “oh wow” approach they are going for. Finding dagallon pistols had passthrough in game right after AoM release was awesome. That said, it shows up on a handful of weapons now and GT lists it anyway, so a +1 from me.


Finding a unique weapon with unique mechanics such as this or Spellscourge’s should be more prevalent, not less. A new player who decides to use such weapons and finds, to their surprise, that they are better than they seem will be greatly impressed, and it’d be overly cruel to deny them that experience. Not everyone knows what Grimtools is or scours it to learn everything in the game before finding it themselves; many players appreciate having mysteries to be discovered!

This is also one of the reason why Legendaries in Borderlands have only ever rarely described what they do.


Yeah, what a lovely mystery to not know what stuff does in an aRPG. Let’s just test every single item in game to find out what it actually does.


I mean…it is.

…yeah. Let’s. That’s the fun of it. That’s why you hunt down new and exciting loot. Play without Grimtools for a bit and play in awe of the unknown.

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Why then just not write anything at all on them. What a mystery that would be :smiley: No, no fun at all.


I think there’s a fine and important difference between describing how a weapon functions (projectile pass through) and how well a weapon functions (damage stats, resists, etc.)

The former doesn’t need to be spelled out because you cannot easily assign a quantitative value to its worth. The latter is the opposite and is directly relevant for comparative purposes.

Let’s just agree to disagree.


I do appreciate a good mystery, but this shouldn’t be one.

I never used those guns before, and only recently I learned what they actually do. If I had known that right away from looking at the in-game stats, I probably would have made a build around one of those guns a long time ago, because it sounds pretty cool to me.

Not everyone looks up GT or reads the forums or discord and is aware that such a mechanic even exists. Some players might never try out those guns at all because they don’t seem unique or interesting enough, or they only try it on a dummy and don’t recognize the potential. For some this “mystery” might stay unsolved forever. Why should those players miss out on a fun mechanic? Doesn’t seem fair to me.


…or will think it’s a bug.

Possibly. Nothing wrong with that. Better, then, for the community to provide them with the surprise that it is not.

Or for the player to just quit for PoE or D3, thinking GD is buggy.


that sounds highly unlikely, at least for this kind of ‘bug’

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Ha! I don’t think that’s likely, and not just because PoE and D3 are notoriously buggy right now…but also because I can’t even begin to count how many times a ‘first post’ has happened here in the bug reporting section.

+1 to this. I already hate GD’s Skill window for not showing Skill Overcaps beyond the hardcap ingame. I want more visibility of important info, not less.

Also, the first time I realized this mechanic even exists was right now, after reading this thread…


But then this hypothetical player encounters another “hidden” mechanic such as hidden MI on human heroes+ boosting their resistances to 250+% and making them immortal - and then he really thinks the game is buggy.


It’s not a bug, ofc, just a design element based on a premise which derives from motivated reasoning as in “players will be surprised/excited after discovering a mechanic they have been misled about in the information we gave them.”

But you can’t predict what people will do. A player might as well discover that a gun passes through, see there’s nothing written about it, see that other instances of pass through such as Cadence or PB are indeed documented, and conclude it’s a freaking bug.


Or to quote another purely hypothetical example that never happened, someone might make like half a dozen Pet builds without ever realizing that Elemental and Fire/Cold/Lightning conversions happen at different levels and are not additive. And then wonder why they are weaker than they should be…