Hidden stat on ranged weapons

are you referring to mad_lee now? :stuck_out_tongue:

isn’t it written in the official game guide that some monsters can wear items to make them stronger and more durable? When I was noob, I was always wondering why sometimes Valaxteria was such PITA to kill in some sessions (yes I was farming for Krieg set, do not judge me). Then I started to notice a pattern with the rolls on the chest armors she was dropping …

Okay. So maybe we should turn the discussion the other way - what else to hide from the player?

Damage types, maybe? Item says it’s fire but it’s hidden and in fact it’s cold? Or I think cdr is just too obvious and straightforward. Hide the shit out of it! Imagine the surprise… But for maximum surprise - hide conversions!

If you look at the skill tooltip in-game conversions are indeed somewhat “hissen”


Cobra pets!

I meant hidden. Stupid autocorrect xD

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And what about Hagras Aetherflame? Melee lightning builds can kill Grava faster than him :smiley:

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We are all mad_lee. :wink: [] Sister Crimson 2:14. But let’s change the subject. This issue makes threads closed

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Unique and hidden mechanics like this in a game where there are thousands of items? Only a minuscule portion of players would enjoy such design.

I think times have moved on and user-friendly features are expected/required. Not that many players have the patience to even reach endgame let alone test weapons/gear out for hidden effects…


Be careful what you wish for … there are at least 17 pieces in GD that have the “Hidden” mechanic :grinning: With that many items it’s almost certainly intentional, not a bug. This is not unusual though. PoE has a similar property (and now I feel unclean mentioning that game :upside_down_face:)

The entire Belgothian’s set has a “2 Second Charge Level Duration (Hidden)”
Both Daglalon’s pistols have “100% Chance to pass through Enemies (Hidden)” as does Phasebreaker, Vortex of Souls, Mythical Vortex of Souls, Runebinder’s Spellthrower, The Desolator, Will of Fate, Empowered Will of Fate and Mythical Will of Fate

Other gear with the same hidden mechanic include relics and components with “1.5 Second Charge Level Duration (Hidden)” - Mistborn Talisman and Shard of Beronath

Now being aware of a previously unknown/hidden value doesn’t give a build a boost if these items were already part of the build for other reasons, but some builds that could make use of such a property if known might start popping up. The problem is how are you supposed to know about it - there should not be a dependance on a 3rd party tool to find these things out. Out of curiosity how is GT able to show the hidden property ?

One thing is a hidden charge duration where it is not that important and could be harder to understand for beginners and another thing is a stat that defines a weapon.

This could’ve been mentioned so that the players know that there is a slight difference between these two and all other charged autoattacks. But this is not so very important and could be swept under the rug of “we don’t wanna clutter the stats.” Pass through on guns, though, is a game-changing thing. Hiding in for the sake of “Surprise Effect”? :thinking:

This is kind of a good point too… i know i was like “oh hell yeah!”… it is definitely a nice “secret” surprise to uncover.

I hate Borderlands’ legendaries because of that… :frowning:

Yes in fact it could be a key stat for ranged builds, not only visible, but reachable through different means (gear, masteries, devos…). Not an all-or-nothing hidden stat. In GD2 perhaps?

Well the balance of ranged weapon builds is not so good overall. I hope they see some love in a future patch.

I vehemently disagree. I think 0% of players would get any ‘joy’ out of having everything straight up in their face at the get-go and would instead just take it for granted. At least this way some players get a little extra something-something from the game to their fancy. Further, this goes back to Borderlands. Why do I have thousands of hours in the Borderlands series? It sure as hell ain’t for the good balance or the amazing writing…because neither one exists. It’s for the loot, and the hope that I’ll discover something I didn’t even know was possible. To this day I still don’t know what all the BL2 Legendaries do and I definitely don’t have a fine grasp on all the BL3 ones. And it’s also why you have the community constantly making and consuming content like this:

And those players aren’t missing out on a whole not by not knowing how 100% of everything in the game works. For them, if you came out of nowhere and told them that 19 (?) ranged weapons had pass-through, they’d probably just block you for spouting random nonsense their way as they move on to the next game.

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You under-estimate my Laziness!


I evidently also can’t spell ‘their’ correctly…


I tend to look things up outside of a game anyway once I get to endgame, so I can’t say I have any particularly strong feelings on this topic, but I do think some indication of hidden stats could be helpful to players so that they don’t automatically sell seemingly inferior hidden stat items out of ignorance. Perhaps a nice middle ground is a line in the item stats that just reads “???” or something to denote a hidden stat/property without actually giving away the mystery. (That said, maybe such a change places too much importance on the hidden stat, and my suggestion of “???” specifically probably adds a layer of undue confusion.)

How is GT able to see it - there has to be a flag somewhere that allows this to become visible. There isn’t much point having it if you can never see it in-game otherwise …