Highest single damage hit?

Doesn’t Doom Bolt get like 400k crits when built properly?

This one is pretty good!


420k? Am I missing something because that doesnt seem like that huge of a hit.

Im pretty sure I’ve hit for 1,000,000 with Cadence using Leviathan. I will look at those builds linked

Edit: Having said that I need to check again, maybe the stars aligned for that… not sure heh

I have a near 900k primal strike CRIT vs the dummy on my rajajax vindi (on test update)… I know shadow strike, cadence, and bone harvest can go higher. I know I’ve had 1.2mil awhile back from boneharvest
Vindicator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator rakajax vindi
Just check and it shows 1,570,271 as my highest hit… now I’m sure that’s from crucible, and possibly tagged 2 hits together

Check my passthrough savagery druid, and it says 1,848,464. Again due to how passthrough upheaval functions probably was due to a multi hit registering, but still. That build is more or less dead now though after test patch drops.


I think the highest I achieved was with a doombolt using this old build. Doom bolt crit-hit for about 900k, but hit twice because of it’s followup mechanic - Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

It’s an old build that is not truly optimised, but the idea was to throw blade trap to reduce enemy DA and then follow up with a series of high weapon damage hits for burst damage.

Aside from that, using 2he high damage Savagery/Feral Hunger combinations can get up to 1.5 - 1.6m damage fairly comfortably


Cadence is the big bonker i think
i have had 1.8 mill from cadence
madcritt had a screenshot where he did 2.8 mill cadence i think (back before armour bypass)
i have had 2h Righteous Fervor with Smite wps hit on for 1.6mill (before smite modifier reducts but after armour changes)

those are my biggest hits
aside from that shadow strike and doom bolt can hit big - never actually done a fat bone harvest hit myself, maybe it’s time i do a proper stacked BH toon :thinking:
if you don’t care about the nr itself in page 3 sheet, then you can get pretty fat DoT numbers ticking(DoT dmg don’t get counted in page 3), or Trozan hits (trozan is multiple projectiles and dmg wont be combined “per hit” from them, but from the highest value a single projectile hit) - since it’s this little effective cluster nuke it can do pretty fat dmg when all projectiles hit a boss in a single hit


I had 2mil+ crit with a DW aether DK, and with other cadence builds 1.6mil+ as well.

Sorry, was referring to sheet damage.
The highest damage display always refers to SR-buffs, that´s why I don´t pay much attention to it.

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I believe doom bolt with harbinger set on deciever can get you to crits like 2,5 - 3 million. But that was some time ago before dying god devotion nerf. Might be a bit different now.

Yeah, kind of forgot about SR buffing you up, lol. I am not sure then.

i mean, not like MC trash mobs have much defence, so nothing stops you from getting a 1.5 mill hit outside SR “buff” - and that’s assuming your char doesn’t get constant bad mutators with player -total dmg and monster increased resist to your specific dmg type :unamused:


Same with various shotgun attacks, right?

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hahahhhahaha i am the blood gunner and my oathkeerp occluist is a beast so i dont know what yall mean i own everything in seconds im only using red skills and i even will make em move at 150% speed so they die faster maahhahaahahhahaahaha :stuck_out_tongue: the power of Blood Blast legend guntank is op

Dual hound warlock, I’ve only played a little with this one, but in the screen I captured I noticed it hit pretty hard for a single attack, not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but 2.2 million single target damage here.

Muh skelemental build will hit ~3 million against a single target dummy (primal instinct is higher yet, but bys dom gives MUCH needed phys resist, so I use it)

Damage dealt doesn’t work for pet builds, this is the best I have for comparison.

unless i’m misunderstanding/“reading” GI wrong, that’s dps, not single hit dmg dealt? - as is with doom bolt/shadow strike/cadence hit etc

Yea, maybe not directly comparable. That would be the most incoming at any one time, but from multiple pets I suppose, not a single pet hit. Not sure how those numbers compare, if they mean the same thing otherwise or not.

i don’t know if GI even does non dps dmg readout, like individual hit avg/high dmg values
but either way it would be to just summon a dog, set it on dummy, notice the dmg value from the explosion itself - like if you enable regular floating dmg numbers

I’ll turn it on and see… in the past I do recall six figure numbers, not sure there’d be any single seven figure number hits from a single pet though… but, maybe? I’ll have to try it out. But anyways, those two hit hard. :stuck_out_tongue: *edit - Do have dmg on, just hard to see under health bar / labels.

Highest single damage hit - amongst my chars the largest one has Voidsoul Sentinel. Aegis of Menhir is such a monstrous skill :slightly_smiling_face:.