Highest single damage hit?

Dual hound warlock, I’ve only played a little with this one, but in the screen I captured I noticed it hit pretty hard for a single attack, not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but 2.2 million single target damage here.

Muh skelemental build will hit ~3 million against a single target dummy (primal instinct is higher yet, but bys dom gives MUCH needed phys resist, so I use it)

Damage dealt doesn’t work for pet builds, this is the best I have for comparison.

unless i’m misunderstanding/“reading” GI wrong, that’s dps, not single hit dmg dealt? - as is with doom bolt/shadow strike/cadence hit etc

Yea, maybe not directly comparable. That would be the most incoming at any one time, but from multiple pets I suppose, not a single pet hit. Not sure how those numbers compare, if they mean the same thing otherwise or not.

i don’t know if GI even does non dps dmg readout, like individual hit avg/high dmg values
but either way it would be to just summon a dog, set it on dummy, notice the dmg value from the explosion itself - like if you enable regular floating dmg numbers

I’ll turn it on and see… in the past I do recall six figure numbers, not sure there’d be any single seven figure number hits from a single pet though… but, maybe? I’ll have to try it out. But anyways, those two hit hard. :stuck_out_tongue: *edit - Do have dmg on, just hard to see under health bar / labels.

Highest single damage hit - amongst my chars the largest one has Voidsoul Sentinel. Aegis of Menhir is such a monstrous skill :slightly_smiling_face:.