Hints on finding a very elusive set


I’ve been hunting for a set of Demonhunter kit for a long while.

My 2 friends and I have all put over 300 hours into the game (each) and none of us has yet to find ANY piece, not the 75 or the mythic 94.

I’m not looking for any handouts, but what I do want is some advice on where other players who have legit found these items have found them (monster dropped, or the area dropped). I am hoping to narrow down my search.

Many thanks for any assistance!

Do you mean Demonslayer’s Set? Can’t find Demonhunter in the GD Wiki or grimtools.

Crucible, farming or gamble with artifact smiths.
Helm/hat can be a bitch, since you need the formula to drop.
Don´t think Felds can give you ones requiring a formula…?

Yeah sorry - bad habit. Demonslayer not hunter.

Can you remember where it dropped for you? (if you have found it of course).

There’s basically no particular way of farming. There are few items that drop from exclusive monsters. These sets have an information about who gives them on grimtools. If nothing’s written under the item’s description, the particular item can drop from literally anywhere. Even from a crate*.

* This is a little joke, as GD team is called Crate Entertainment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most parts for me dropped while either playing through the story and side missions or while farming. Took ages though to get the full level 75 set and not wanting to take that much time before I could play my P-Blade’s Witch Hunter in ultimate Ashes of Malmouth I used GD Stash to add the mythical bits I didn’t have into my shared stash. Think it was only the blueprint for the hat, since I got semi-lucky.

As for the quickest ways to farm legendaries:

  1. Farm Gladiator difficulty in the Crucible up to the end of wave 150 with the extra spawn point active. Vitality damage builds works pretty well as an easy to gear Crucible farmer. Oh the second Crucible difficulty is also a good source of legendaries as long as you have the extra spawn point active.

  2. Run a rouge-like dungeon like Steps of Torment, thanks to one of the recent patches you always get at least 1 legendary, but average is 2, plus any drops from enemies along the way. Grab any epics as well and scrap the ones you don’t need for a chance to get hearts etc, which can then be used for crafting or gambling at one the celestial smiths. Or converted into Blood of Ch’thon to make more keys.

  3. Just play the game, since once you reach Ultimate the one shot chests drop legendaries somewhere close to 90% of the time, on top of the usually higher drop rate a first playthrough always seems to have. Then there’s the quests that reward legendaries. And since each new drop can open up a new build or several

I personally usually do (2) since I’m currently dealing with depression and sleeping issues, so my reactions are a bit sh*t at present which makes Crucible’s higher difficulties painful if my attention drops. Main run for me is Steps of Torment, via a circuit of Broken Hills to take in the Guardian of Solael and any champion beast spawns before descending into SoT and clearing everything out. Then I got hit the Arkovian Undercity to farm Krillian for his shatter soul drop and if I haven’t found him already, the undead nemesis. All in all, I always get 2 legendaries minimum, usually more, on avergae about 4 I think and a bucket load of epics as well. Add in the odd Port Valbury run to stock up on aether crystals and shards for making dynamite and potions and a detour to the smith in the Necropolis to convert hearts and brains when I run low on Blood of Ch’thon and you’ve got a mostly self-sustaining farming loop.

Though mine takes a while, since I usually kill everything to get component drops and stave off boredom from running the same small bit over and over. And occasionally I have to run the wasp hives and the Royal Hive out by Homestead for battered shells to make hoarfrost ointment. Since fighting Moosilauke without it usually results in fun with being chain frozen if fighting within melee range.

Otherwise, use a shadow-strike focused build and run past most enemies and you can get a pretty solid rate of legendaries dropping from the reward chest, especially if you can run it in 20 minutes or less. For me, that’s a bit too boring and requires transferring resources across to the farming build to do effectively. Or you can just run Crucible of course.

The answer to most “how to farm x item” thread is almost always grind crucible and hope the rng shines on you within a week

I ask because I have found that Grim Dawn seems to have quite distinct drop tables, I.E. when you are killing cultist you get certain types of items, when you are killing trolls or ugdenbog, you get certain monster table items. My hope was that I could focus in on those ‘tables’ that were more likely to drop the weapon and armour types that the demonslayer kit is made from.

While I enjoy both crucible and campaign farming, I really spend most of my time farming the campaign for what I need because over time I’ve found its far more efficient once you know where to go for what you need.

If its purely random, and there is no real higher or lower chance no matter where I am, I guess I’ll rotate on the dungeons. Shame. I appreciate the help though - many thanks.


These items drop from specific type of mobs or bosses, you can check the drop rate here


Your best chance is to use trading. Get on discord channel and ask people to trade with you. Most legendary items are not expensive, sometimes only costing normal/rare materials.

Or simply post on one of the threads here on the forum for trading.

Hoping not to offend anyone, but for me trading would be almost the same as using one of the item tools. There is just no way for me to trust that a whole host of items haven’t come into those markets via cheats… unless someone can tell me different - because if there was a clear item ‘marker’ that said it was from one of the tools then I would be totally OK with it - if there isn’t a clear item marker, it would be great if people that made those tools put one in!

I’ll persist with it, I noticed someone just a month ago posted of finding one of the parts - hopefully they will respond soon and I’ll start to build of some knowledge of where its being dropped.

Again, if anyone can recall the area or monster that they were fighting when any of the set dropped, I’d like to hear from you. So far I have some info about story side quests, but that could describe the entire campaign map!

Thanks again for your thoughts - I do appreciate that even if I feel trading is not quite for me, that just the process of giving something up to get something in return is ultimately a fair one.

It’s not a problem, some people feel that way about trading though I’d say most people who use our trading threads are probably offering legit stuff. But there’s no absolute guarantee so if you don’t want to do it, that’s fine.

As for story side quests, most take place fairly close to where the quest giver is so it may be worth exploring those areas.

It’s fine but if you want to avoid trading keep this in mind : Whatever you farming , roguelikes, crucible or even campaign you probably just want to build around the first set you drop. Often the one you were looking for is not the one you drop. But consider that is fun to roll many different builds.

Somehow nobody has mentioned yet that the vast majority of items in Grim Dawn (including the Demonslayer set) have no particular place they are more likely to drop. Maybe you could see more of the pistols by killing human enemies that use pistols but I doubts if that is worth it compared to farming somewhere that just drops more legendaries. I’d recommend the Crucible or whatever skeleton key dungeon(s) you can run quickly.

Did actually. :wink:

:undecided: Oh well - worth repeating I guess. Didn’t seem to take the first time.

Its been mentioned a number of times (I’ve responded to that already), but is that something the devs have said?

To add a little detail about why i’m looking - everything about the drops in the game point towards certain varieties being locked down to specific mobs.

IMO I’d go as far as to say that from what I’ve found is that there are relatively few legendary items (half?) that can be found easily and would be considered on common drop tables. Crucible can drop a whole range because there are a lot of variety of boss mobs (you will note the all the drops only appear if you fought that mob.). But again the problem with that is you don’t get a drop chance for every boss you face, you get a slightly different mechanic that gives you a number of chances from a combined loot table across all of the boss mobs you fought.

Hence why I am trying to run specific mobs that drop it, not try my luck with crucible because the loot tables are large. I feel like its the option you would take if you cant ever find the mobs that drop what you need, because, as a grind, its far from optimal - its just, owing to its many and varied bosses, got access to everything. If I knew three for four bosses that dropped these items I would just be running them for a couple of hours, and I think I would get a much greater hit rate on my than 3 or 4 chances for a mythic competing across say 50 bosses. Oh, and I can’t run 150-170, which might be better, if the right mobs spawned during those levels.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen a great deal more work done on identifying these things in the game. I’ve spoted a few places where people have found specific single mob named sets (that drop from just that mob), and a lot of work gone into the more interesting hidden quests, but not general item drops themselves. I guess crucible is a bit of a “I dont need to think about it” kind of thing, and well item generators are always going to reduce the player base investing (enjoying in my case) the hunt for stuff.

Like I said, if anyone who has picked up the item can remember where/what it dropped that would be great.

Thanks again for your comments.

Just about every unique item (Epic/Legendary) is found randomly, there are exceptions like the unique items dropped by rogue-like Bosses (such as Soulrend or Shar’Zul’s Worldeater) or other key enemies (such as Sentinel’s helmets, Rashalga’s claw, the Malmouth council have their own Decree etc.), Krieg’s set/Dark One’s set, probably a few others I’m missing.

The Demonslayer’s set is not one of them though and is found anywhere.

The reason people suggest Crucible is not because of how loot is calculated at the end (via what you kill and what you receive) but because farming Gladiator Crucible at the higher levels simply results in the most Legendaries per hour. More Legendaries = more chances to get the one you are looking for specifically.

If you run it in Multiplayer too, everyone will get their own set of drops at the end meaning you can compare what you received with everyone else to see if anyone got what you wanted and if they can trade you something for it.