Homestead with 133% desirability ... but lazy inhabitants

Kind of frustrating to see:

I have a few homesteads above 100% desirability. All they need is a 3rd type of food to upgrade … but their inhabitants won’t go and get it.
In this picture, there is 200 bread waiting in the market just 20 meters from their house. Been some time now and still not upgrading.

Note: I’m doing a vegetarian run … so no “protein” and no “dairy” (guess I could buy some cheese to have a 4th type of food and make the chances of upgrading bigger). But it does enable me to show that the owners won’t try to make anything they can to upgrade their home, guess it is pure RNG … and RNG is frustrating.

edit: finally after 10 years of waiting it got 3 different kind of food and upgraded to large house … and 5 seconds later to a manor

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The beginning of the upper class/royals that these poor villagers left at the beginning of the game to start a new life… it has started in their own town :sob:


This happens to me already for homesteads. Some are improved quickly and others allow years to pass before deciding to get what they need to improve their shelter.

Exactly my thought! So does a new group of residents of the now-establishment of the sort that their ancestors fled, turn and flee our city to establish a new colony?

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I like this. It gives a little more variety in the buildings when not everything upgrades simultaneously.

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Don’t know if the inhabitants’ occupations have something to do with the upgrading, but I’ve noticed that the shelters containing people that are guards/soldiers take a very long time to upgrade. Like the one below with 4 guards. Many years have passed but people don’t care about upgrading their house despite having a lot of food types and materials in the storages.

Guards/soldiers never go home. For “stocking shelter”, they go get food and bring it to their tower/barracks.
So usually, I select one in the house and remove him from duty to be replaced by someone else. Then the shelter becomes ultimately a manor.


In my last game, I raised all the dwellings to the maximum level.

Judging by the picture, you do not have enough food supplies. I usually have reserves for 8+ months in advance.

I have several types of food (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.) but the problem is that they don’t go to the storage to get them (and bring them to their house). Everything seems to happen randomly.

In-deed, I don’t like to spoil so always tight on supply.
But people are “idle” in the house while the market next to them has 3 types of food available.
Them getting the 3 types of food happens really randomly. Suddenly they decide to go get some food and take 3 types.
Even worse, I have seen the idle person in the house have the 3 types of food in her inventory but it doesn’t count for the home.

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Sorry, I was responding to the screenshot in the first post, not yours.

As I said above, in my first game, I had no problems raising the level of the dwelling to the maximum level.
Now playing a new game. I’m having trouble getting the level of the building. I still do not understand what it is connected with. There may be several options for events. Maybe this is due to the fact that I installed a test client for the game. Or maybe because I changed the layout of my city (in the previous layout, I had fewer roads, and the warehouses were a little closer).

I cannot confirm or deny this. At the moment I have a little chaos. The warehouse is a stone’s throw from the house, but the resident does not take resources from there. Perhaps I will try to return to my old layout to understand what this is connected with.

Thank you so much!
This could be the reason why a row of shelters is still shelters, with desirability over 65.
Shelters are sitting between 2 forts with all the homies stationed non-stop.
Now I’m not so sure about kicking them out of their homes.
All my home slots are fully occupied all the time, rebuilding areas takes a lot time and shuffling stuff around.
So I wonder if they wouldn’t just fill those slots again right away where I kick them out?

I meant kick them off guard duty (not from their home). Someone else will take their place and they will become a laborer.


If market can distributed food/firewood/etc. to houses, this problem can be solve.

Markets distributing goods for “shelter stocking” is a bottleneck in the game.

Only have 20-25% homes “fully stocked”.
With all goods (except for spices and preserved food) available in large quantities and multiple places.

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