Horseman gets drunk, commits mass murder in the town square

I just had a raid, but my town happiness is reporting 97%. Suddenly, I’m getting “Died in combat” alerts for my town; checking where the dead bodies are piling up… it’s the pub closest to the cavalry stable. Turns out, Walfred here got drunk, and when a horseman gets drunk, civilians die.

I ended up saving and reloading so I could take a screenshot; so far, he’s merely gone back to the pub to finish his drink and then back to his stable.

I’m not sure what can be done here other than not using pubs; I understand the realism of Alcohol => Poor Choices, but losing more people to a horseman under the influence than to a 100-strong raid is… frustrating.

Speculatively, I think the brawler in an intoxicated fight is supposed to simply knock out/be knocked out by the surrounding people; I don’t recall seeing any deaths before this. But no civilian is going to remotely harm a horseman with their extra HP and their increase in damage to normal infantry.


Servirebbe una guardia cittadina.

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Beer for my horses :notes:


Yes, I don’t think it’s great that the city’s protectors regularly turn into real gunmen, this should be fixed.

So just remember Never open the bar! :rofl: It doesnt earn much but got massive disadvantages!