Hotkey to auto-check prioritize on buildings / walls / resources

Would like a button to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome when I’m trying to get some walls built up to help against raids.

The idea is to be able to bind a hotkey to check the ‘prioritize box’ that way I don’t have to keep clicking on the item I want to prioritize and then move my mouse all the way over to the prioritize box. When you do this 100x for walls and buildings you desperately need up, it starts to hurt your wrist. So for me, I would want to bind a button on my mouse to prioritize, click on the item, then click that hotkey, so I don’t have to do the motion of draggin my mouse over to the prioritize box.

I think this would be a somewhat simple, yet HUGE quality of life improvement for my play experience.

Or, even better, drag-select all items of the same type, and group prioritize them with one click.


I would appreciate something like that, too, to keep my arthritis from screaming at me.

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Ok, so I got tired of clicking and I created an AHK script that will do it for me.

MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos
MouseClick, left, 1811, 600
MouseMove, xpos, ypos

I have Numpad0 bound to my mouse, so whenever I click the button, this will retrieve your current mouse coordinates, then click the prioritize box, then return your mouse to the original coordinates where you started. You will need to change the coordinates for the prioritize box on your screen, as I doubt you have the same HUD size as me, but you can find out where the prioritize coordinates are by hovering over the box with this script enabled and it’ll tell you the coordinates of it.

MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos 
MsgBox, The cursor is at X%xpos% Y%ypos%.

I’m going to try to create another one for building relocating, but probably wont be as easy since the building HUD box varies in size a lot, but at least it could be used for houses which degrade a very quickly.

Edit: After testing I found that I can just click 2 spots, so this one will cover homesteads and houses, just have to program the coordinates of the relocate button into it and keep the mouse where it was originally and you won’t have to move your wrist much to relocate them

Homestead/large house relocate

MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos
MouseClick, left, 1852, 316
MouseClick, left, 1856, 294
MouseMove, xpos, ypos```

Trying to use the image search function in AHK and feeding it a sample image of the prioritize button, so it will scan the screen looking for that image. Luckily the prioritize button is pretty much the same for most buildings, doesn’t work on some buildings, as they are slightly different in size and pixels. But works for houses, which is what I intended it for. Only works when you placed the building and want to prioritize building it or rebuilding it.

SetWorkingDir, C:\Users\Valued Customer\Desktop\AHK
CoordMode Mouse  ; Interprets the coordinates below as relative to the screen rather than the active window.
ImageSearch, FoundX, FoundY, 0, 0, A_ScreenWidth, A_ScreenHeight, *TransBlack Prioritize2.png

MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos
MouseClick, left, FoundX, FoundY
MouseMove, xpos, ypos

if (ErrorLevel = 2)
   MsgBox Could not conduct the search.
else (ErrorLevel = 1)
ImageSearch, FoundX, FoundY, 0, 0, A_ScreenWidth, A_ScreenHeight, *TransBlack PrioritizeLookout.png
ImageSearch, FoundX, FoundY, 0, 0, A_ScreenWidth, A_ScreenHeight, *TransBlack ForagerPrioritize.png

MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos
MouseClick, left, FoundX, FoundY
MouseMove, xpos, ypos

I tried doing the same thing for building relocating, but it’s proving a bit more difficult as the hud image for relocating the building is ever-so-slightly different. I can get it to work for one building, but it breaks when I try it on others. Tried to look for a specific pixel in a region of the screen where it would appear, but it keeps selecting the wrong thing on some buildings, so still working on it.

Obviously the above won’t work without proper setup and image files, still working on it and if I get something good I’ll let ya know

There is a tool to select the fences and perform various actions like upgrading, destroying and what not. Having an added button to prioritize in this tool would make more sense and be easier to implement than to build a whole new tool just for what you are asking.

We could probably do with something similar for road construction except that roads are already bound into longer segments that you can set this action on easily enough for the whole section. I just wish there was a way to split a section of road so you can trim off a piece and rebuild in a different way without destroying a long segment.

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