How are jobs prioritized

I’d like to understand the job priority. If I assign multiple jobs like building or upgrading, some jobs are done very fast while others stay open for in-game-years.
For example, I’m trying to build walls around my city. They deliver the material for other jobs, that I assigned much later. But they don’t bring material to build the walls. All materials are available. Same with upgrading.

For me I only priorize max 3 buildings, of course the materials must be available and you need enough workers and maybe increase the number of the builders (is on the right side).
I also find it helpful to check if some buildings are not producing at the moment (or there’s enough produced) then I reduce workers or stop the building, then these workers can help with other tasks.
And maybe don’t build too much at once in process? At least for me it works.

I can imagin that the wall is maybe not priorized above other town building, but I don’t know, haven’t one.
Maybe someone else knows more :slight_smile:

AI seem clunky and prioritise with a logic that we don’t have/don’t know with in game tools.

For exemple, try to build a simple house in the early game, then build a road next to it. With a bit of luck you’ll see your workers deliver wood to the house, start building it, then go away deliver something else somewhere else, then come back to the house, build it more, finish the road next to it then finish the house.

You don’t see it until you pay attention, but once you know it, it’s hard to not pay attention to a very weird AI.

That’s why you can have building that drag on for litteraly years in game time. While you have the ressources, and the manpower.

IMO i don’t know if it’s working like that, but builders should take care of delivering goods to their builds because regular haulers do a bit of everything, cut, mine, deliver, eat etc… And we should have a more complex system to prioritize builds over others instead of just a box to check

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