How come i see no oppressor pet builds?

I haven’t played grim Dawn for a long time and never really got into it, since i just can’t find a playstyle that fits me, but because of that i tend to look at most presented builds and especially the theorycrafted ones for oathkeeper.

I found something quite confusing: there seem to be no pet builds for the oppressor, which would be a logical combination of poison pets and buff/debuff auras.
is there something obviously bad, that i can’t see because of my inexperience?

Well, I’m no expert, but from what I’m seeing, high-level pet items do not support Acid pets for Necromancer, but rather Cold, Vitality, or Aether.

Edit : that being said, you could try to make it work!

Because the oathkeeper doesn’t really provide pet bonuses.

Oathkeeper doesn’t do a whole lot for pets. You get 1 aura that provides OA, flat Trauma/Bleed and Physical damage, Celestial Presence for Physical/Bleed RR, Crushing Verdict for reduced DA.That’s about it really (unless I’m missing something).

It’s a similar situation to how after AoM released, there weren’t any pet Death Knights because people tried it and found it to not work well as Soldier does not really do much for pets either.

That being said, I’ve seen people experiment with things like pet Witchblades over time so chances are someone will eventually try a couple OK combos like Archon. Whether they’re successful is another question entirely.

thanks for the explanation, i didn’t think that oathkeepers were that bad for pets, since they have one themselves and their aura could enable pet acid/reflect builds, but on the other hand i never looked into what made occultists good for pet builds apart from bonds of bysmiel (and having 2 summons, but so does necro)

Guardians of Empyrion are not pets, they scale with player bonuses.

holy crap, that is the one information that explains everything for me, thanks! didn’t know there were different types of npc “pets”

Wind Devils, Runes, Mortar traps, Blade Spirits etc are also “pseudo pets” that scales with player bonuses

To make matters more complicated, there are pets that scale with “player damage bonuses” and those that scale with “player bonuses”.

And I haven’t found an answer as to what the difference is (People are either confusing the two, or I’m interpreting it wrong…)

i.e. wendigo totem vs the oathkeeper pet.

allright, so the difference lies in the note “scales with player bonuses” and “scales with pet bonuses”, right?

edit: @xeneonic welp there goes that mental crutch right out of the window again :smiley:

yup that is correct :slight_smile:

Lets say you wanna do a Acid pet oppressor. You need to

i) find items that support Blight fiend and pet acid damage
ii) find items that supports pets in genera (defensive and offensive stats)
iii) Find items that supports guardian of empyrion
iv) Find items that supports acid damage in general
v) Try to mash them all up in one balanced build :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, empyrions being guardians changes my outlook on the oathkeeper completely :smiley:

now i can keep looking for a build i might find fun ^^"

GD makes it really hard for me to enjoy casters, because of the missing aesthetic of staves ( i can’t stand scepters or wands usually) and melee is not my cup of tea after playing it so often.
i love poison and disease archetypes though
might i ask here if there are ranged poison builds, that are using dw pistols/ pistol&shield or rifles?

maybe something like a paladin, that transmutes fire into poison damage? but i guess he would seriously lack aoe :expressionless:

I dont care what they wield, there is so much going on so …

If you love poison and pets, you might want to try the new Ghol’s Set for Ritualists.

Or the good old Poison Puppy.

thanks for the suggestion, i saw your fluffy builds and thought about using one, but i think i’d prefer a gunner variation.
i used to go for pet builds, but never got very far in the end because of a lack of involvement (also weird stick+effigy/book look)

I get what you mean on the looks. I always go for bound wraith illusion on the off-hand.

Btw, gunner variant (of sorts :p)

:D:D:D:D this somehow looks like a pet master who holds a gun and doesn’t use it :smiley:



This is incorrect. All player-scaling pets are the same. Wendigo Totems scale with Player Damage Bonuses (Life Tap attack), as do the Guardians of Empyrion.

Are you sure about this? Because this would mean that the devs are inconsistent in the tooltip description. I figured “Scales with player damage bonuses” literally can only benefit from “damage bonuses” while whatever is tagged with “Scales with player bonuses” would include defensive bonuses too, and other ones, such as movement and attack speed?

If they’re identical, then I strongly urge the grim dawn team to make sure the descriptions are identical, too!