How did the thieves still get my money?

Just got attacked by 8 people in black. No one got hurt and every one of them got away. One I saw enter my trading post, no big deal, I never keep money there. No one got behind my walls, where I keep the money. Yet after the raid, 970 gold bars are missing!!

You probably still had that gold in there as profit from the last trade, as currently nothing transferred out of the Trading Post by trader workers actually moves anywhere as a physical item, they still stay in the invisible trading storage, which is a bug.

Also, if you have no towers or guards to defend, use hunters and the garrisonned people will shoot at the raiders from inside the town center.

This is possible, if there is a bug. Wonder if the last transaction is a purchase, leaving only enough gold for that purchase…

It’s not a bug. There’s a local storage for the Trading Post that acts like a stockyard or storehouse. Once you transfer goods back to the global storage it moves into this pseudo-storage that you can’t see.,

I do think the developers called that unintentional and were working on measures to keep stuff from seemingly vanishing into the void.

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