How to Choose The Best Gaming Mouse for Forgotten Gods?

I need to know what is the Best Gaming Mouse for Forgotten Gods ?

I have been reading some reviews on gaming mouse.

These are top search result when I search best gaming mouse 2019, best gaming mouse sensor … etc.

Please recommend me the best option.

Thanks in advance.

I um… I. Well this is weird.
The game doesnt really need excessive option for the mouse… Any mouse with atleast 5 buttons should be ok i guess
These are blogs btw… :slight_smile:
Advertising at its best

My mouse have two buttons, planning on playing forgotten gods with it.

I also need a new mouse. I need a new mouse for watching videos.

My reason for buying a mouse is super stupid, because yours is. Why do I think your question is stupid? Because you want to buy a mouse for a DLC. Not for a game, genre or anything, but for a DLC, which is totally stupid.

Your question should be “How to choose the best mouse for an ARPG” or “How to choose the best mouse for Grim Dawn”, which would actually make sense. To me, buying a mouse for one particular game is not a good idea, because you’ll eventually get bored of the game or move to another one. I never buy mouses to play a game, I focus on a mouse that will last longest. You’ll get used to your mouse eventually, so it doesn’t matter if you buy a random mouse for 1$ or a mouse for 500$, you’ll still suck because of your mouse for a while till you get used to it.

Also, from my experience, don’t buy a mouse with stupid additional buttons because they die fast. I’ve been asking my friends for a new mouse, since I actually need one, and everyone said “the best is any logitech”, and my friend that also streams a lot recommended me logitech g302, I bought logitech g203 because it was a touch better than g302 and costed like 5$ more. Also, looks better. :smiley:

First of all it needs to have durable RMB for Eye of Reckoning.

Honestly the best mouse is the one that feels best in your hand…I’ve been using steel series rival 110 for few years. It only has 2 side buttons which i like, and it’s small and light. Can’t handle logitech mouses anymore, they are too bulky.

Did not need that when I played Whirlwind baba in D3 :stuck_out_tongue: Is Grim Dawn harder against mouse buttons?

I will be playing with this:

Honestly, I’d spend money for something like this. Two buttons (because you need RMB and LMB) and that’s all you need. Won’t break after 2 years. That’s just a wonder-mouse.

Logitech G502. All other mice are just wrong. (Unless you’re leftie, in which case I’m sorry)

It’s often on sale, so best to wait for a discount.

That is my mouse! :open_mouth: Now I have an edge in the shattered realm!

This mouse not only has like 17 trillion buttons, but also looks like a robot that would rebel against you and destroy the whole world.

I wouldn’t actually buy it. Mouses with more than 5 buttons always break after a little while, at least when I use them.

That’s why you want one on your side. :wink:

Bought a G502 in 2014. Been using it with the PC I use for work/gaming (so basically 24/7, amirite?).

Last year I bought a backup G502 for when this one craps out, fully expecting it to after 4 years…still hasn’t happened.

My G502 has developed a double-clicking issue after a few years. It seems to be a pretty common issue with Logitech mice. It’s pretty frustrating when it does happen.

I have a “Bloody” mouse that I bought back in early 2014, still works till today, the issue is it double clicks 70% of the time. It has 7 buttons (8 if you count the scroll) and I am actually not a fan. I used a logitech back in the day for about 10 days (yes, it broke after 10 days, lmao) and then I had another mouse (literally a random one for like 2$) which worked super good for 2 years, then I accidentally broke the scroll and as the shop I bought it in had cool workers, they said they’ll give me another one for the same price, I chose one that was slightly more expensive and had to give them a dollar for the new one, which worked for 3 years or something like this. Then I bought the current one because the one that I had already double clicked.

Yeah, I have a COOL TIME with mouses.

I prefer Razer Deathadder Elite.

Thats the one i use Ravcore Typhoon
If you are using backlit keyboard its a perfect match. The colors can me adjusted on the spot

G502. I’ve got one that is probably 8 years old, and two newer ones that I use. Never had any issues with any of them. Best mouse ever made.

You can play ARPGs with any mice, it really doesn’t make a difference and you can concentrate fully on finding the right ergonomics. When you want to play shooters is when it gets interesting and the market becomes very small, because only few mices are of required quality.

A general advice: Do not EVER buy a mice with a laser sensor. Also ignore high DPI numbers and ignore the ability to adjust DPI in small steps. No good sensor supports this, which either means the mice doesn’t have a good sensor, or if it does have a good sensor, it uses software tricks which will hurt your mice’s performance.

I play a lot of games on my mobile (galaxy s8) but never been so consistent gamer on PC, maybe that is the reason I sounded stupid, I have a 2 button mouse and it’s a trash. No matter what I do it fail to deliver. I am also thinking about Logitech mouse maybe I will go for 502 or G pro wireless both seems to have popularity.