How to make money?

I am currently breaking completely even on gold, 46 expense, 46 gathered via taxes. I make more markets but they only bring in 5-10 each. My Healer house is doing good work but the expense is killing my funds and I have exactly 0 gold year over year.

Can I trade excess goods in the Trade House? If so I can’t figure out the interface, it only seems like you can buy.

I’m on year 10 or so and am still only tier 2 on town hall, 1200 gold seems impossible to obtain at this point.


Yes, of course you can trade at the trading post. That’s what it’s for. Pick an item in the trading window and then transfer items; use the slider to decide how much you want moved. It’ll then get put into the trading post and when a trader comes along who wants that item you can sell it to them.


You can make a lot of money with the trading post real fast. As a homage to my Pharaoh days, I sell a lot of Pottery.


Does it automatically sell them? I end up missing when traders arrive most of the time.

Honestly I find the trading house UI a little bit overwhelming. There’s a lot of buttons and not a whole lot of explanation.


No, you must manually do it.

Keep in mind also that there is a pause button, use it…When the trader comes in pause the game…it gives you time to look at everything they have …it shows you what they are buying and what they are selling…also at the top right it will also show if there are more then 1 trader…you may get lucky and 1 of them may be buying something the other is selling at a lot lower price…just something to think about…


Thanks, got it figured out. Next order of business is getting a foundry and figuring out how to clear a wolf den. Also wishing i had pacifist mode on, the raider parties are so large now that i can’t fend them off effectively until I get soldiers, the towers do a very little amount of damage for their cost upkeep. They usually can’t even kill 1 because they just run past them, the town hall garrison is doing all the work.

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Upgrade the fletcher building so it makes crossbows, that might help. And you’ll need soldiers to clear the wolf den as well as added defense against raiders.


Don’t forget you can build some walls up.


Wooden palisade rocks early on if combined with a tower. And another thing i have not noticed for too long, is you can add an extra guard into towers, which should drastically increase their potency against raids.

oh i encircled a tower with palisades but missed one spot so the raiders got in, but even with 2 archers they had almost no impact on the 20-something raiders that marched in. I usually just garrison. This is my first city and it is very poorly planned out but it is against the water. Another problem with towers currently is the upkeep cost. I make most of my gold now from trading, so if I get bad luck on that the gold dries up pretty quickly.

20 raiders? That’s a bit, I’ve had parties of like 13 or 9 raiders. Are you playing on a higher difficulty? (hell, I’m playing on Trailblazer atm, Y9 and I have not seen a single raider, game can be odd) Usually they just get punched to death by my villagers lol

Building up a proper palisades surround can take a while. Early on I imagine it’s more effective to buy some extra swords. The tower guys are also effectively soldiers so you should be able to pull them out and tell them to attack raiders.

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I’m wondering when a good time to invest in the healer is?

It’s tanking my economy and I’m feeling it’s best to just let my people get sick and die. It does improve desirability but I can’t get enough homesteads out of it to make it worth it.

Yeah I never made palisades for my city proper, just puts some around watch towers that sit by the major roads out of town.

first raid was like 6 bandits, second was 13, then third was over 20, they swarmed over everything. On year 16 or 17, close to 300 pop, still no foundry due to logistics problems, got 6 crop fields and I feel like im constantly producing as much food as is spoiling.

Edit: I’m on whatever the easiest difficulty setting is

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By 16 you should have a decent amount of money making means I’d think, so worst case you should be able to buy iron and use it for various things. What are you making to sell? I’m currently getting places by just selling shoes and baskets and soap lol. I keep hoping someone will want to buy my concerning amount of smoked meat, but, alas…

But also, the game can be a bit random in terms of how your starting zone is, and… other things. If things feel really slow / inefficient, perhaps you’d be better off with a fresh start. I think I restarted about 5 times before my village started to sorta make sense.

(But also currently my farming seems entirely bugged. I have not been able to collect any harvest. So I’m, like, buying grain to make bread. Fortunately, there’s plenty of game and fish around, and boars keep wondering in and getting fisticuffed by villagers, but lol)

I think healers are a bit unbalanced atm. Dying villagers don’t penalize you much, you can get quite far with prevention, and they’re so easy to replace, the healer doesn’t seem worth it until you have a lot of people getting sick. All my healer does is just sell snake oil…

After the recent raid I had about 5-6 villagers with festering wounds, the healer cured them all fairly quickly, non-stop notifications, so was definitely pulling his weight there for once.

My main product I’m selling is pottery since Im flush with clay, Even with 2 brick maker structures i can’t make bricks fast enough so the excess is made into pottery. I have like 400 sitting in the trade house to sell.

I think starting over might be best though, things are chaotic and food spoilage is disturbingly high, have like 6 months stored and usually the red number indicating spoilage is 4-5 at all times.

Maybe the size of raider parties is attached to how much gold or some such you’ve got lying around?

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Any tipps how to make effecitve money besides trading? Atm I feel like without trades its nearly impossible to stay in the plus …

Since I hit T3 I’ve been operating on a negative budget, but I supplement that by selling excess T2 goods (Clothes, Coats, Shoes, Candles, Pottery, Honey) on the trading post to the tune of 1000+ gold per year, and I have my foundry running around the clock which cranks out anywhere from 600-800 gold per year (it might be more). Even though my month-to-month budget is around -50 gold or so, I know that I can take the hit because of big trades and the foundry.

Since I need more soldiers pronto for the next raid (my last was 30 raiders) I will likely send my negative budget up to around -100 or -150 but I am not too worried. Long term I will add another gold-only foundry so I can cover the losses and make a little more money to pay for building upgrades.

To summarize: find a big gold deposit, mine it, build a foundry, ???, profit!

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Besides trading the most effective I’ve experienced is probably pubs selling beer followed by the market selling luxury goods, but none compare to a gold mine. Up to tier 3 though, you cant smelt gold, make beer and the luxury goods sold are limited, so I rely on traders until then. Linen clothing and pottery seem to be the most sought after goods by traders. Also keep an eye out for an insider trade job if you have 2 traders, one selling an item the other one buys.

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