How to manage the loot?

Hi there,
I played now GD now since 2 week and i like it.
So, I’m a rookie and I already saw a tons of guide and tutorial about levelling, stuff etc…

But, I don’t know how to manage the loot dropped on the ground… Should I let it on the ground to don’t fill my inventory or keep it to resell it but I saw that we shouldn’t sell the green stuff,
How can I know if that chest is better than mine because of armour, OA/DA ? resistances ? Which stats can I sacrify ?

There is a lot of questions, can you please give me some answers ?

Thanks !

Maybe you misread someone because if I were to see that I’d tell 'em they were off their rocker. Heck yeah you want to sell… unless you plan on using them. In which case you would hold onto it until you either used it or you didn’t, in which case - sell it.

You learn what is better by playing the game and learning the mechanics. What you want to keep and use varies from character to character and you won’t learn it until you’ve been playing for a bit.

The only things I sell ARE Greens+. And yes, I do not even bother with selling Yellows. At any point - even the very beginning. I don’t touch anything else unless I intend to actually USE the item. You can do it too and be rich by level 46 easily.

The only thing in my stash right now are components and some odds 'n ends.

usually what i do in all my characters is to get white itens until lvl 10 or so…after that i click on the loot filter on the botton left of the screen and unselect the white/normal itens options…then i’ll get magical itens/yellow itens until lvl 25 or 30…after that i repeat the step above and unselect the magic itens option…then i get all the green, blue and after lvl 50 the purple itens…when your inventory is full, go to the town check every green item before you sell it to see if any of them are good for your build. if not, sell all of them…keep all the blue/purple itens on your stash, in case you need them for a future character…keep all your components as well, you will always need them…at some point you probably will notice that your stash will be full… i suggest you to istall the gd item assistant mod ( i put mod here but i’m not sure if it can be consider a mod, i think is more like a program? anyway) this mod/program stashes your itens on the clouds if i’m not mistaken, and its easy to acess when needed to. in MY opinion is a MUST have addon, since later you will need it because of the amount of blue/purple itens that drops.

Should I let it on the ground to don’t fill my inventory or keep it to resell it but I saw that we shouldn’t sell the green stuff

As you want probably create a 2nd, 3rd, 4th… Character you should take green items and sell them beacuse they will bring you money that could be needed by the other characters.

How can I know if that chest is better than mine because of armour, OA/DA ? resistances ? Which stats can I sacrify ?

That really depends on your current character. There is no real easy answer about it. What I learnd is that in end game decisions the OA/DA stats are getting more importance. But Armour itself is next to Physical resistance an important thing as well. That really depends on your build… You will learn it when playing. That is a good thing as you will get your AHA EXPERIENCE when playing. That gives you another fun in the game so that you want to go on playing.

A short hint to resistances. In Ultimate it makes sense to have an overcap from at least 40%. So as example. You have a limit (without special items/devotions that increase that limit) of 80% for resistances. Build it up to 120%. That will still show you 80% in your stats.

And another hint for you when it comes to the fact that you need more space for items:

Create Stash Characters. These characters have no reason for being. They just shall hold your items. To increase the space in their inventory you will need money like mentioned beforehand in my previous reply.

These Characters will give you the possibility to keep items which could fit for other/future characters so you do not need to farm the items again when you will really need them.

Thanks all for your answers

Ok but how many characters can I create ? Is there a limit ?

I know it but I just want to know if there is an advice for our character to choose what to wear ?

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Yes, if you use cloud saving it’s 50 max. For local saves it’s pretty much unlimited.

Just use a storage tool like GDStash or Grim Dawn Item Assistant. Much easier than having mules all over the place.

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Hmm… Good question. I have 16 Stash Characters so far. All have all available inventory slots. And most of them are full. I prepare one Stash Character per item type. An item type is a belt for instance. Or a one handed ranged weapon… For some item types I already had to create a second Stash Character. For trousers for instance.

Fast way to get the stash character:

  1. Buy Savior’s Merit in Conclave of the three with a Character that is already end game
  2. Exchange money to iron bars (again in the conclave of the three) with the character mentioned in point 1
  3. Start a new game with a new character and finish the first quest (kill Kyzogg in Burial Hill Cave) so that you can enter the the inside of devils crossing
  4. “Consum” Savior’s Merit
  5. Port to Conclave of the three and exchange the iron bars to money. You need something around 500k to unlock all inventory slots, I think

After these 5 steps your Stash Character is finished.

If you send us a Grim Tools link for your build we could help you a little bit with some assumptions :slight_smile:

What is conclave of the tree ? I actually havn’t finished the game with my main characters

The Start town of the expansion Forgotten Gods. See here:

Ok thanks mate, about that, I saw the first monster here are level 25 so my question is, Should I mix my progression between the main acts and FG ?

I have a last question at the moment about the loot, I saw on the forum that some people are talking about runs like step of torment, etc and said that they get like 9 legendaries in 8 runs, I did 1 run in step of torment and don’t get legendaries at all so legendaries are not available in normal difficulty ?

Monsters need to be L50 or higher for Legendaries to start dropping. You won’t see them before that level.

Plus they are considerably rarer on Normal/Veteran difficulties even if you are in range.

Monsters in FG will scale up with your levels, so you can come back to them after base/AoM.

As for the original question about the loot: just do whatever is fun to you at the moment.
Need money - sell everything.
Tired of picking up - just leave them on the ground.
Not sure if something’s good - pick up and take a look later.
Any strategy we give you is bad if you find it boring.

To decide which item is better you’ll have to learn what all those numbers mean. Then you’ll understand why your character has any problems and which numbers will help.


Bingo. That’s why it’s something I always say you can’t really give a “good” answer too - every build is different and every build is going to want different things. Plus during actual leveling the needs can fluctuate at various stages of your development as well.

You simply need to familiarize yourself with the game enough to know what you want. Eventually you will do that, just “know”.

Ok, I understand what you mean cuz I’m actually around Homestead and I understood that I needed a lot of aether resistance for this stage, I saw somewhere in the forum that resistance was better than damages, I dont know if it’s right for levelling but actually I one shoted monsters with my wind devil and stormbox So I will focus myself on the resistance I think

Resistances are important for mitigating damage. On Normal they certainly help but they aren’t what you would call “paramount”. You can get by without absolutely needing them, in most scenarios anyway.

What you probably read about actually was RR, or resistance reduction, which IS important on higher difficulties and can increase your damage output.

In both cases these are things you don’t need to worry about at such an early stage. Still, it doesn’t hurt to improve your resistances. Worry about RR later tho.

If you wish to learn about the games deeper mechanics then I would advise downloading the pdf guide that Nery put together here: Mechanics Guide

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I will, thanks

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  • You should cap all your resistances but if you can’t focus on what your opponents does. If you’re up against chtontics you need the most chaos, vitality and fire. If you fight act 5 and plants/Wendigo maniacs - poison, bleeding, vitality etc. But everywhere you can encounter one or two monsters that will do different damage than the others like electrifying plant doing lightning damage .

  • Damage vs RR. Your goal is to take all possible sources of - RR, one source of flat and if you can one source of % RR. % damage is important for every build, flat damage if you are playing build with 100% + Weapon damage. Mind that early on gear % damage is scaling pretty bad, so take care of resistances and OA/DA first. When damage yields more benefits, then focus on gear with your damage type. Especially true higher levels, when you have access to components and augments to help you with resistances.

Read this one as well: Guide on Game Mechanics for Beginners by You-Know-Who