How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn's default location.

Steam cloud is activated both in both GD and Steam, and seeing as I’ve never actually messed with those functions, I can probably assume that it’s also activated on my other computer.

I don’t understand why it doesn’t work. If you look at the save files in the steam folder, you should be able to see files with your characters name, right?

Yep, in the \save\main folder you should have your char saves as a folder per char titled _charname

Don’t assume, check the settings on both systems.

Updated first post with expanded info on the folder structure and contents of the save folder.

What happens if it still gives the cloud save error even after it’s turned off and Steam restarted?

Thank you for this post. I will need it in the future…

2 Questions

  1. If I want to get rid of the recipes my character has learned, I simply delete the files in the save folder in a folder named ‘Formulas’? I don’t have a folder named "Formula’s most likely because I haven’t learned any. Just want to double check. Files to be deleted are .gst, .gst.bak (softcore) or .gsh and .gsh.bak (hardcore), correct?

  2. Are the achievements in Grim Dawn client (not Steam Achievements) reset with each new character?

Thanks OP

  1. Yep, just delete/move the required Formulas files from the Save folder, I should have been clearer and I’ll update the first post, as these are just files in the Save folder, not folders in the Save folder.

  2. Yep, It seems that these are stored on a per char basis, so they will be part of the _charname folder.

Quote from this weeks Grim Misadventures

Achievements track progress per individual character as well.
Glad to be able to help.

Have you turned off cloud saving in both Grim Dawn’s settings and Steam’s settings ?

Yes, restarted both, etc. still gives the error message.

Thanks guys for the quick help! Let’s see, how that goes… :slight_smile:

Five business day for reply at the Humble Store… I guess I’m not in that much of a hurry then.

I have a lvl 39 Demolitionist. I’m at the point where I want to choose a second mastery, but I’m not sure which one I want to choose. I would like to save/backup my character at this point in the game, choose a mastery, then be able to restore that old save if for some reason I decide that mastery choice was not ideal (instead of starting over from scratch).

Is the info in the OP the relevant info for what I want to do? I just want to know which local save game folder/files I need to copy/paste to another folder to keep a copy reserved.

Edit: I figured it out, thanks.

I have posted this in general discussion but it may be better here…

I’m fairly new to this game (lev 16 char) - i have the steam version. Am i better off using cloud or local? I do play this game on both a laptop and pc. At this point I don’t mind starting over if i need to. On the first steam install (PC) it defaulted to local saved games and on laptop the cloud was the default. Not sure, but I might have had a hand in that decision, I can’t remember.

I would rather do it right before I get too far along. Also I definitely want to install some type of stash manager mod, so I would want the setting that allows mods at a later date.

Thanks for any help you can provide me!


While it would be great to share the same chars and stash between my laptop and pc - it is not a deal breaker. Are char/stash saves local or on steam? If local, I am assuming I can throw the char on a zip drive or dropbox and transfer between computers? I used to do that back in the offline single player D2 days.

Thank you for this wonderful post! I really want GD to be able to sync via steam cloud, but on the other hand sometimes I want to use a little bit of GDSidekick lol, it would be nice if GD can make local & cloud saves co-exist in the future.

Try the Repair.exe in the Grim Dawn install folder and also try the verify files via Steam settings :undecided:

To be honest, Local saving is the most reliable.

Regardless of whether you use Steam or Local saving the char stash and crafting recipes are all saved locally on your PC at one of the 2 locations in the first post and yes you can just use a usb, or dropbox etc to transfer between PCs.

Sorry for the brevity of the replies, damn busy :frowning:

Please post if I missed anything or wasn’t clear enough… Cheers :smiley:

Thanks for the clear instructions.

Once this is done, is it best to go into steam and turn off the cloud saving option in there as well, or it doesn’t matter if it’s done in game?

To me, it seems easiest to enable/disable the Cloud Saving option in the game since this is what controls where GD looks for your save files. Leaving it set as-is in Steam won’t hurt.

Understood, thanks for the clarification bud.

What network tab is that?

I want to re-install grimdawn and i always turn my cloud save on should i download cloud saving 1st and then re-install grimdawn?


So I had a about 4 characters of which 1 was max level and completed the game on all difficulties. I stopped playing for a while and reinstalled windows without saving the character folders on a disk I wasn’t gonna format. But i have always saved my character files on the steam cloud (had both options in GD game itself and steam grim dawn enabled). So I reinstalled it and wanted to play it since about a month or so ago, but all my characters were gone and I can’t retrieve them from the steam save folder because that folder is empty, it only contains the playmenu.cpn file. I have tried restarting, verifying files and repairing but it all doesnt work. I guess because there simply are no save files of characters anywhere. I hope I haven’t screwed it up and deleted all my characters :undecided: