How will Backers get updates on the DRM free verison now?

I really wish I had hope for this game at this point, just grow a bit more disappointed in the launch every day without updates or progress. Checking GOG everyday without even seeing a placeholder isn’t a great feeling.

Trying to get a response from someone who can do something about this mess, I’m not forcing you to read any of this. If you have a better place to post or ways to get things going, I’d be glad to know. I’m using the throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks. It’s all the more frustrating because I had some positive communication for awhile, now it’s just an interminable wait, and that sudden shift seems odd and not at all encouraging.

I would say patience, but then you would say 5 years… so round and round.

the build is with GOG as you very well know, so it is not about Crate not having done their work.

Not sure why you still sound like a broken record when you know better.

If Crate really valued this, they could shift priority temporarily to fixing whatever they need to get to GOG rather than teasing mod tools for the all-mighty steam.

as was explained, different people do different things. GOG is priority but that does not mean someone can not work on other stuff if he is not the right person to begin with (eg artist vs programmer).

The fact that the steam brown-coats showed up at the first hint of criticism is half the reason that thread went off the rails

there are no Steam brown coats, it is all in your DRM free zealot head.

It was derailed because of the irrational and unwarrented hatred and bile some of the DRM free zealots were spewing around in it. No need to repeat this.

We know you still want the DRM free version and are upset you do not have it yet, you know it is being worked on as a priority and currently with GOG, so Crate has done their job unless GOG comes back to them with something.

Not sure why you still have to whine about it on an hourly basis… just sit back and relax, you posting every hour is not getting it released even one second earlier.

I want to say something without saying anything much. Again this is for us guys in the no GD yet situation that followed the mega-thread.

This is just so you do not get influenced by agitators or just some guy that doesn’t really know lots.

So imagine if all the insane stuff we grasped from that thread adventure… there was more. Sniff… I don’t want to be on the forums too anymore I want to play…

I have theorycrafted (on paper only lol) a pure Arcanist and things (thanks to the guys having made Grim Calc!) but that’s the most I can do for now.

We can’t fault GoG if we don’t get our GD because their motive is they care more about their users than let’s say Steam.

A problem maybe is: let’s say a troll small thing feature for Galaxy or whatever isn’t optimal… then GoG requests and gets a new build etc. Every time they run a live check if they do and also use separate configurations it is very bad for us, it increases the % chance that this happens: total machine lockdown with irrecoverable loss of all tasks in machine background because of the GD application. I was facepalm to see this existed but there is a 60+ pages thread in the bug forum. It is the GD.exe because several different guys having played (some like 200 hours or more!) B30 B29 B25 B26 Bwhatever even some fanboy; with the same machine and components and settings; never had this but then all got it at release (including some of the new Steam buyers of course).

Now if we are unlucky and this happens @ GoG you can forget about my March 28 estimation cause they won’t approve till it’s fixed.

A NOTE ON THIS (DISCLAIMER): the crash issue took Crate by surprise obviously and it can be real hard to locate as it happens on a wide range of machines and settings and in a WIDE amount of game situations from my understanding. We can be disappointed but we CAN’T say Crate is doing nothing. I think that they actually really want this thing fixed ASAP lol. But because of the wide situations that lead to the mess; maybe it can be even a little troll code lines like 30 KB so it’s hard to figure cause they can’t replicate
the bug easily to understand OR if it is a big deep issue in the code well they have to make significant changes to the guilty “feature architecture” and they don’t have the luxury of releasing a fix to a BETA product anymore, it is released and if they patch a patch that crashes the game owners further more… So even if they find a fix they maybe have to make really sure before deployment that it doesn’t aggravate for others etc.

I thus say that “it is in GoG’s hands”, but it’s not their fault if they don’t go ahead. We can’t say GoG release it!!! because if they don’t it’s because they care about the X% people that their machine would be &$%#@$ (thus game unplayable) and we should applaud them if they don’t want to screw some of their buyers because they respect their audience. At this point I want it to go ahead idc anymore lol I hope I don’t crash BUT if they don’t we can’t be mad at them we have to celebrate in a way XD and I’m not sure how come it is so difficult to revert the feature that does this crash to the B30 B29 B28 B27 even for the Steam guys. That’s why I said we need to be lucky. So if a product does not meet the minimal GoG standards (thankfully higher that some other services maybe), then it’s not in their hands I mean if it’s not a major problem yeah they can release and expect a week 1 patch but if it’s serious the hot potato jumps back in the hands of Crate. Man I never thought even in my most pessimist state if I’d have viewed things that way that we 2012 backers wouldn’t have our GD and I’d still be posting here on March 16 2016 :(.

And lol in my post above I said I wouldn’t write long posts anymore :undecided:

How will Backers get updates on the DRM free verison now?

if you fly out to medierra’s house and bring a thumb drive he’ll load a copy onto it for you

are you really asking this question ??

do you not think they’ll make an announcement HERE ???

do you actually believe they’ll complete the DRM version, have it put somewhere for download and make NO MENTION of it here ???


I hear you, I wouldn’t mind waiting as much if they made some brief updates on things rather than leave things hanging, or at least make a decently organized FAQ to explain as much as they can, NDAs and such notwithstanding. Right now it just seems that they don’t care much by staying quiet or locking threads.

If they don’t have anything to update, what do they say?
The devs update us when they get something to update us on.

They lock threads because people can’t seem to just read the thread and wait for an update. Instead people bicker back and forth, basically making the thread useless.

So posting in various threads commenting on lack of updates when there’s nothing to update is crazy.

They answered all the questions in the thread that got locked. Please don’t start making the same fuss again.

Either be patient or go install Steam and play the game right now.

Here because you seem to not remember when you’ve been answered.

Here’s another quote on status.

Which is basically saying the same thing as my previous post’s quote from medierra.

So there’s your update!

Hey, this post is nothing personal towards you :).

But, the guys from that thread might want to post somewhere right? (the little minor 0.00X% community of No DRM GD backers [to talk about their GD]) Even if it is not constructive from your POV. Also they can’t engage really well with the rest of the community because they have 0 gameplay experience.

Granted, their posts most of the time will not be uplifting; and it is not a question of patience but one of “climate”; and there is no need for you to grasp the whole situation of the locked thread or post like you did understand while being far from it.

This feedback section chosen by jcdenton to make this post, I think is well chosen because we got no other section anymore where we can engage, say sigh, make predictions and whatever we come up with and want to share with the other guys in our situation (members of the GD community we are!).

Your attitude towards others of the Grim Dawn family at large even if they are a micro-group (of guys having backed the game in 2012 btw); saying a thing like “go install Steam lol” or no more post here man; meaning you are cutting us from the community because hell we can’t post in the gameplay section etc. is not heart-warming; to be kind. I suggest you keep your totalitarian interventions to yourself and keep enjoying Grim Dawn. Or is it to much to ask to have 1 (one) topic on the GD forum where we guys can interact? Ill give the “correct” answer right away: No. It is not too much to ask.

No one is cutting you from the community, but there is no point in repeating the same questions you already know the answer to. Right now all you can reasonably do is wait, after that you are more than welcome to join discussions about the game, rather than about when the DRM free version is available.

Until there is an update on it, there simply are no news, asking for them does not make them appear any faster.

It has got a little frustrating that the Devs take time to answer all the questions buy they seem to go unheard.

Maybe I was a little blunt but without any new information on the subject there is no point in discussing it over and over. This thread will only go the same way as the last one.

There’s nothing stopping the devs from mentioning, for example, “we’ve eliminated x out of y issues we’ve had with galaxy integration, should be coming soon”. Instead they deem it not worthy of discussion and keep the waiting game going. And even with the dev tracking it’s a pain to posted things straight since there’s no official summation of the basics, and those have changed from A.humble build hopefully by the 4th of march, to B.GOG version presumably sometime before the heat-death of the universe (joking, before anyone grabs the pitchforks). Since DRM free backers got shafted, it would be nice if we were kept in the loop, a couple sentences from an employee a couple times a week would make me far more confident that Crate is doing their best to make things right for their backers.

Asking for some basic communication seems far from unreasonable after this.

Has it occurred to you that maybe Crate are just waiting to hear from GoG just the same as you’re waiting to hear from them.

What are they supposed to do, post every day they they are still waiting for news.

It’s just you seem to think that Crate have all this news they are refusing to share with you, when it’s very probably they are waiting as well to know and while waiting they are getting on with other things.

I am just waiting for Crate to post a message daily…

"Day 2 : Still waiting on GoG. No news "

they said the release is with GOG, so unless they hear something from them, there is nothing for them to work on.

Not sure why this is something you just do not get…

Asking for some basic communication seems far from unreasonable after this.

you have that, asking for an update every two hours is very unreasonable however

way too infrequent…

This thread is for people that want the drm free version to post and the devs to provide an update when there is one. All other posts will be considered OT and deleted. Thanks. I want to keep the thread in single digit page number count if possible.