How would you rank the defensive stats by importance for endgame?

By the time you reach Ultimate, which of these stats should you prioritize?

-Overcapping resists
-Physical Resist
-Armor/Armor absorption
-Defensive Ability
-Deflect and Dodge Chance

That’s the order.
Dodge/deflect is impossible to get. The max values you can have via base stats is about 5% dodge and 15 deflect, if I remember correctly. Never actually bothered enough to exactly check it, it’d be only possible to get via procs and temporary buffs (which may spike to over 60%, iirc). Therefore this is just a random filler that you should look at last. So after you do everything, and you see a possibility of getting this for free, you can get it.

Thanks! I play Nightblade so I have shadow dance. Once shadow dance goes off how useful is dodge and deflect? Does it just completely avoid the attack and provide a nice layer extra defense. Just curious because I have a few items that do provide some dodge and deflect and I’m wondering how well it goes with a max Shadow dance adding to it.

Don’t depend on it. It’s a nice boost to sirvivability, but everything else comes first.

All of them are important.You need enough DA not to be critted,overcap resistances and also way to deal with physical damage.

I am fan actually of absorb of damage,especially multiple sources.For example Inquisitor seal,Maiven,Ascension,Blast shield with components and other stuff.And on top circuit breakers.That can make many enemies not take a dent from your health.

Being a absorption fan and not mentioning Turtle. Such a liar…

I use turtle,but that’s for advanced uses :smiley:

Also seal of ancestry and prismatic diamond from components.

I am advanced user, confirmed :yum:

Did pets builds need it or you take every constellation with animal on it :wink:

Everything is important and should work in unison with everything else. But when it comes to the most universally important stuff for endgame this is what I think.

For true endgame res overcaps are most universally important. This is how you usually die: get debuffed and burst. If 80% res is the norm, getting rred 40 with no overcap triples the damage.

Second place in my book is whatever falls under the umbrella term of sustain.

Armor and phys res are overrated. Phys is the most common dmg type but it’s still only one dmg type. You can stack both to infinity and still die by Anasteria like a noobster, get got by Kaisan’s crystals or suffer the vitality part of Reaper’s attacks when debuffed by his ghosts and Zantarin’s CoF. We had the thread about “buggy” SR one-shots with 3k armor, 3.2k da and 40% phys res but 6% fire res overcap.

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Dodge/deflect completely avoids melee/ranged attacks. It’s extremely powerful. If you stack dodge to 30% (almost) every third melee strike will miss on the average. But ofc it doesn’t really matter if you can’t deal with the other 70% strikes. You’ll die all the same.

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That’s only in theory. Some people might dodge 80% of attacks and some only 5%. It does ignore the damage completely, but relying on RNG is like walking with a coffin on your back.

Lol, right, ofc. It just contributes.

In theory, the only important core stat is health. Because it is the only core stat that makes you immortal when stacked to infinity. :cowboy_hat_face:

what about like this? EDIT: still works :mage:

It kind of helps when you want to Butt Smack Ravager and stuff, but not really needed or anything. I just like it as it is in the way when you are going for Ishtak & Tree.

And I don’t take every constellation with an animal !!! I have never taken Hydra on Pet builds! :yum:

How much do you think should we ideally overcap resists by?

Most bosses+ have around 20-40 all rr reduction (by reduction I mean it doesn’t stack with other reductions). Many bosses+ have stackable rr of a specific type on top of that (Zantarin’s has -30% acid and phys and -50% vit; Reaper’s ghosts have around -20% aether, vit and phys; etc.). Anasteria is especially dangerous with her 50%reduced all rr (no matter how much res you got it’s halved). So no matter how much overcaps you stack you’ll never be completely safe.

So you gotta prioritize dmg types used by the most dangerous guys: aether, fire, lightning, vit, and since FG also acid. There, I recommend 40-50, especially aether. Cold and chaos are ok at 30+. Pierce and bleed are ok at 20+. It depends on the build. But unless you use GDStashed MIs res are never ideal. You gotta see what your gear and devotions offer and what you can fix with components and augments and if something is too much behind then change gear.

In Crucible aether is most important,I always try around 50% overcap.Fire and vitality also.For SR is important acid against Kaisan.In Crucible he dies quickly,before can start trouble,so acid is not that important.Bleed is rare damage type,pierce even more.A lot of builds can survive without even capped pierce resistance.

Speaking of debuffs,some enemies shred your DA as well.Also very nasty mutator,so although 2.8k effective DA may seem enough,is good to have at least 3k.By effective I mean DA+OA shred.

  1. Life leech (ADCTH).
  2. All the rest.