Hunter does not recognize prey

I noticed a group of deer standing in the forrest, so I built a hunters cabin close by. There is no obvious spawn point for these deer, but they are clearly there. Shortly after the deer hunter cabin was completed, the game sent a message that the area of hunting needed to be changed since there was no prey in the area. But there clearly is.

I suspect this is a disconnect between the map graphics and the Hunter programming.
In my experience, the message that there are no prey in the area is based entirely on the presence or absence of a Deer Spawn Site, even though deer from other spawns (outside of the Hunter’s radius) are still in the area.
In an example of a Worst Case Scenario, I had 3 Hunter Huts that managed to completely deplete 2 Deer Spawns so they disappeared, resulting in a No Prey indicator above all three Huts - even though there were two more Deer Spawns just outside of their radius, and deer from them romping right next to the Huts!

  • And moving the Hunter Radii so that they covered at least one Deer Spawn each solved the problem of the No Prey messages, at least temporarily.
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