Hunter level 2

Hii, question, when one sets the traps to collect to 0, does the hunt recover? I have set the traps full and none of the hunters have brought me deer meat, only bodies to skin

I believe that the number of traps is something in addition to what is normally hunted. Look at it it as a second way to obtain some food and hides for your community. I might be wrong, but that is how I look at it.

I tried that out, but upgraded hunter lodges generate a lot less meat and tallow than the basic hunter cabins, they only generate more fur, so the trapping of small carcasses mostly replaces the hunting of deer.
That’s why I suggested in a separate thread (Several small bugs/issues/pieces of feedback) to give the player more control over what a hunter does, so he can just keep hunting deer if the player wants him to.

Well, you can do that by just not upgrading their huts. I never upgrade mine.

Sure, but that’s rather counter-intuitive and will hurt you if you’re a new player. You upgrade food producing buildings expecting to gain more food out of it, not less.

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