Several small bugs/issues/pieces of feedback

Here are some things I encountered the last few days during playing, in no particular order.

According to the button bush’s description, it should be attractive to bees, but building apiaries nearby doesn’t give a honey bonus. Is this something that is yet to be implemented?

Some missing texts, no information available about ‘Fractured Bone’:

Clicking on a resource in the resources tab gives information on how much you produce, but not how much is consumed (“Lost” apparently refers to goods spoiling or being stolen). If this included info on how many goods were consumed in the production of other goods, it would make it easier to figure out which resources you need to boost production of.

Clicking on an object often selects some other object behind it instead, which is annoying. For example, I click on the passed out villager here, but select the road he lies on instead:

Same issue, I want to inspect a tower, but select the wall behind it instead:

How do barrels in granaries work? They’re not shown like they are in other storages, but a popup claims that barrels are being used. It feels like I’m producing many more barrels than I can find back in my storages, and I’m starting to wonder if my granaries are just eating the things.

A strange popup claiming I have no space to store produced goods, but there is a lot of free space in the warehouse. Flour and gold are deselected, but I have designated granaries and vaults for both of those goods, with ample space left:

The sprite for this merchant is missing, he currently is just a bunch of floating clothes, gloves and a hat:

Upgrading hunting lodges will cause them to use animal traps, but while this increases fur production, it decreases meat and tallow production. While having trapping as an alternative to hunting is nice, it’s counter-intuitive to upgrade a building and have lower production of two goods. Perhaps an upgraded hunting lodge should have bars for each activity like blacksmiths have, so you can regulate how much time he spends hunting deer and how much catching small animals.


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