I Bought the game finally a month ago, but this game can be MORE

Yeah, i am not fan of non closed servers ARPG´s but well i bought it with a friend and we really enjoy the game.

The thing is that if this game in a future expansion implement their own closed servers with ladder that reset all items and economy every 6 or 1 year like diablo 2… this game can rock soooo hard… that game has the correct features to do ladders, and do it great. HOPE TO SEE LADDERS ON GRIM DAWN SOME DAY .

Agreed about the closed servers. Would be real nice.

If this game gets ladders then please no boring XP races as in D2 but some event/race based system as in PoE. PoE currently has the best ladder system in an ARPG but I feel like there is still space for a lot of improvement.

Not like it is any likely something like ladders and/or closed servers are to come to GD but I wanted at least have stated it once, such that I can say “i have told you so” later on :slight_smile:

As has been said many times already closed servers are unlikely. Not only for the cost - Crate being a small company who doesn’t come close to having Blizzard’s financial resources - but I believe it would also cause problems with being able to mod the game which is something that Crate wants players to be able to do.

Complete waste of time and money. I’m getting tired of repeating this, but this is a game that focus on single player. Wasting resources on MP goes against that.

If you want MP content, then this game is not for you.

I personally don’t mind the MP kiddies having their own brand of fun, but when it threatens to tamper with SP balance and carrot-and-sticks SP-focused players into going into MP just to get some kind of MP-exclusive bonus, that’s when I start to resent it.

recent example of that is shadow warrior 2, and lets not forget borderlands games, pretty much MP focused, and makes it really hard to farm SP. seen this a lot, once a game goes MP focused, it just goes down that route for good.

I’m thankful this is a SP focused game, granted that balance is still touch and go, but to make the game MP balance would be a bad thing in my book.

I’m still sore over the first Guild Wars’ constant attempt to balance PvE and PvP (and usually favoring PvP balances that utterly screwed PvE lovers). GW was still pretty good balance wise, but the PvP kiddies screamed and screamed loud whenever they found something they didn’t like and PvE-devotees had to suffer for it, because Arena.net didn’t give a crap about how PvE players felt about much of anything. I don’t want to see GD turn into a tug of war over MP/SP balancing.

being single player oriented gives this game a lot of freedom.

I’m not sure if i would be happy of going closed servers…

WoW had this problem too, word for word. Every patch had some Arena “balance” fix that completely botched a class for raiding. Dunno if they ever figured out how to do what everyone told them to do since the beginning (have skills affect players and monsters differently) but I hope they did.

As for the OP, if you want Diablo mechanics, go play Diablo. This game is not “Diablo with a different skin” and should not be either. It’s single player with the option to play with other people, and that is how it should stay. If you want a loot treadmill there’s plenty of other games to go play. I’m happy this game lets me get My Gear Set and play with that set forever.

This is mostly just my personal opinion, but the saying “Hell is other people” holds true in video games as well. I’m not saying MP can’t be fun, because it can, but there is absolutely NOTHING that can compare to the sheer hell of dealing with bad MP experiences, as far as bad experiences go. I’m absolutely deadly serious. You want to have a bad time, Multiplayer will give you a bad time like nothing else in the world. The WORST single-player experiences simply do not hold a candle to how bad MP can get. Be very careful what you wish for.

There are no plans at this time to implement a closed server system, primarily due to costs (upfront costs as we would need to recode major components of the game engine to function with closed servers, which would cost us significant development time and $, and the upkeep costs of such a service).

I am actually happy to hear that, because I believe there is better stuff to do with the resources you have at the moment :slight_smile: Many of us here look forward to your next expansion :slight_smile:

MmM, lot of people that are posting here, that are players of grim dawn, and are single player focused players seems that if game add MP they MUST play on it.
Add MP servers dont mean u must play on it, or that people cant use mods to play in single player or in open mode. Can t understand some of your points of view.

With MP that game can be great. now is limited only a single players gamers

You do realize the game has MP and is therefore not limited to SP? Also it is a matter of ressources. It is not about “we don’t have to play it” it is about “crate could use the same resources to make something we would play” :slight_smile:

It is sad how little GD players there are compared to how amazing the game is, but this is obviously just my personal opinion. I just hope every DLC, expansion pulls some more exposure to the game and over time Crate establishes itself just better among the ARPG communities. More attention, more fans, more sales will over time lead to hopefully even better games.

Who knows what will come after GD?

Alright, I’m probably going to sound a little adversarial here but f**k it. You MP kiddies have PoE to play around in. Why are you coming to GD, a SP-focused ARPG, and asking for MP here? You already have your playgrounds. We have ours. I would like to keep ours. There are plenty of MP experiences for you elsewhere. This is our little SP-focused corner of the ARPG world and I like it this way.

Because it’s using resources to improve something that the game is not even focused on. Those same resources can be used to improved the SP experience which is the thing this game focuses on.

And like what Tycho said, there’s already other ARPGs with the stuff MP players want. So why are you coming to this game that is specifically focused on SP for MP?

it is quite simple really, closed servers add nothing for us while taking resources away from all the things that do.

If I could have 2 massive expansions with 4 more masteries and two huge acts or closed servers (and the server support will cost even more than that in reality…) which I do not even want to use, then it is clear that I am against servers.

If servers were optional and cost nothing to add, I would not mind them being added

With MP that game can be great. now is limited only a single players gamers

we have MP and what you see as limited with SP, I see as the freedom of SP and mods compared to the restrictive closed servers :wink:

Servers add nothing I want and take away freedoms I enjoy, go play D3 or something if servers are that important to you

I absolutely loved the first Borderlands game, but the increased MP and Co-op focus of Borderlands 2 - including raid bosses that weren’t even meant to be beatable solo - totally turned me off. I really wish more games were SP only …

same, any game with an MP focus I just ignore. Having MP is counted as a strike against the game offering it until it is clear that it has no negative impact on SP, at which point it goes back to neutral, MP never factors in as a positive for me… it’s not that I never use it, just that it never is important to me