I can't load to the cloud all my save files, help please

Hi everyone, i’m not new in this game, i have more than 1000 hours playing grim dawn, about 15 chars in lv100 and all the expansion bought in every release, but i never played in the save cloud steam system, don’t really know why to be honest. Now i got a new computer and i move all the save files from the old one, but i was trying differnt thing to make the game reconize my save files with no sucess.

I tried:
Enable cloud save in game, in steam app, i tried both at the same time, only 1 enable and other disable, load files to steam cloud, but didn’t work, my save cloud say 1kb only and all my save folder is about 9mb.

There is any way to make the game reconize the directory for my save files? or to force the steam cloud to upload all my saves?

Thank you guys for any advice or answer.
(sorry if my english is not that good)

My guide here…
How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn's default location.
…has 2 sections. The first details step-by-step (with pictures) how to move from Steam cloud to local and the second details how to move it back. Read both sections for a complete understanding.

thank you very much, i was trying a lot of stuff for like 2 weeks.