I did it wrong

can i revert my masterie for another one? Where i can do in the game?

If you spent at least 1 point in the mastery and closed the window then you can’t revert your decision and there is no way in-game to change that. Your only option is to use GDStash to modify your character.

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its a legal program from crate?

It is not from Crate but it doesn’t matter, they fully support using mods and programs like GD Stash (or Grim Dawn Defiler for another option) are a form of modding.

hope they can add this option in game. I dont like to use this programs. Something move wrong can delete all my stuffs…

They won’t.

Back up your save files if you’re really worried about this. You can find them locally very easily.

I’ve used Grim Dawn Defiler for years for resetting character skills, attributes and masteries for test purposes (things like confirming game mechanics or testing skill-devotion bindings) and have never had any issues.

While I have never tried it, I know multiple people use GD Stash and have not had any problems provided you set it up correctly, the creator is even a play tester and still an active player should you run into any problems and need help.

Just make a back-up of your save folder if you are worried.
I personally change my masteries all the time with GD Defiler (mostly when testing stuff)
@Evil_Baka written before reading your post :slight_smile:

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the tool cannot, cloud save on the other hand can… so if you use that, definitely make a backup first and do not have GD running while making changes to the files outside the game (local saves are much more forgiving)

Extremely unlikely at this late stage of the game’s development. If the devs had wanted that option they’d have put it in right at the beginning.

As said, back up your characters first and then use GDStash to change things. Probably best to switch to local saves which can be done like this.

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Personally I prefer not to modify my build with programs so that I don’t lose the immersion but I don’t hesitate to change the second mastery when it’s only technical, i.e. Primal Strike Warder vs Vindicator vs Druid vs Conjurer… Here the Shaman mastery is build/character defining and the second class is just ‘numbers’/ optimization and doesn’t change the flavor too much if at all. I mean I’m not going to replay the guy which plays the same just for the stats.