V1.1.5.2 Discussion

Because this is a game where you are meant to play multiple characters at the same time, especially if playing legit self-found.

i.e. you’ll rarely get gear drops for the spec you’re using. each time you find a new equipment, it usually prompts the player to go - WOW. That’s cool! What if I try…

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I didn’t know that the game purpose is to punish players.

That’s not quite true. What if my build contantly fails in SR/Cruci. Should I waste a week by leveling a new char just because of that? And then a new one after another bunch of nerfs.

Aaand? What’s wrong if it makes player happy? The price should be steep, though. So, it’s more like:

  • Wow, it’s cool! What if I try…
  • Holy shit, it’s 500k-1b. I don’t have that much.

Yeah, games should punish poor decisions. My first two or three characters were trainwrecks that punished my poor choices, but i learned from them and my next characters were much better.

By removing the last important decision in the game, you are removing this. Some decisions should stick or else they are pointless if you can just revert them.

And 500k is absolutely nothing given that you can make that in like half an hour.

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You can do it with GDStash. There is no need for the devs to waste their time with such feature because it’s already possible for those too unwilling to stick with their choices.

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You’re not being punished by not being able to change class ingame. You’re missing out on the fun of running mutliple characters trying out all sorts of different build ideas.

As for the other stuff you said, there are tools for that - they’re called GDDfiler and GDStash. If you want to change class and not relevel a new character then use one of those. Which also negates the idea of making changing your class ingame an expensive option when with either of those you can do it for free.

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I can’t think of any game that straight up lets you change your class after you chose it. I don’t see why GD should be different. Choosing your class defines your character.

Ironically, GD is more lenient in this regard because you actually can change your class with external utilities.


You used to not be able to refund attribute points nor ranks on the mastery bar before AoM, thus possibly dooming a character to never be optimal or even viable. Current state is very nice imo, even if I believe a potion that resets all skill points as nemesis loot would make a good addition to the game. Can’t see why devotion reset is ok but skill reset wouldn’t be.

More on track with the thread: Doing away with “on hit by melee attack” trigger was very nice, those skills were very unreliable to the point I didn’t bother factoring them when choosing gear. Messenger of War should get the same treatment imo.

I still have a similar issue with low %chance “on blocking with a shield” trigger. They’re either very unreliable to the point where you’re likely not to see a Stone Form proc during an average nemesis fight, or you push recovery to 100% and put Saturn to shame by using Anvil devotion…

I don’t believe just bumping the %chance would be a good idea seeing as stuff as powerful as Stone Form exists, but making those more reliable to non soldier/oathkeeper masteries would be nice.

Very much agree with this. If one goes through the effort of farming a nemesis, getting the warrant should be the minimum reward, especially considering the relative effort/reward for certain nemesis compared with SR and crucible.

I mean…resetting the spec kinda defeats the entire design of GD imo.

You’re really meant to experience it multiple times over with different characters. That’s the entire point of an arpg.

If you’ve done it so many times that it’s become boring, GDstash is available to you.

My advice would be to post the build on the forum and to ask for advice. I would also recommend reading up some guides written by the community.

I’m pretty confident that with the right know-how, most (not all) mastery combinations can take on fairly late game challenges (e.g. glad 150, SR 65 - 66 in elite, etc.) with self-found items, and faction-purchasable gear


Im really late for the party regarding feedback and such. But a weapon that boogles my mind regarding its Regular version and Mythical version is the Stormreaver. In its regular version it has bigger damage range and a ability attached to it.
When it goes to is Mythical version you got a lesser damage range and you lose the proc with it.
Any plans to address this? Like I kinda understand it has a better stats bump and you want people using for Cadence builds, but with the patch I kinda hoped to see items balanced to attend multiple builds.

M. Stormreaver is arguably one of the best items in the game due to its skill modifiers. I think it’s in a great place.

Guess Im biased because Im running with a 2 handed EoR build, kinda frustrated that I’ve been stuck M. Ultos Stormseeker for a long while.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p257mxlZ build in question btw.

We all remember those few days when m. stormreaver has +2 to inquisitor, and this was completely broken.
So, yes, nowadays this item are fine

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I think the skill mods give you a clue as to how each item should be used.

BTW, I recommend increasing your attack speed

Will review the build, thanks for the tip c:

Going back to the “buying multiple potions” suggestion made by @ya1 and @sigatrev

Currently, players can choose to transfer X amount of “stackable” items (e.g. components) from your common stash to your inventory.

Would it be possible to introduce this same design for purchasing potions?

One can dream of purchasing scrap and scavenged plating like this

No, I mean to say that instead of having to click on a potion a hundred times, I think it would be great if we could just shift + right click it to type in the number the player wants to buy instead.

Am I even making sense?


Yes you want to buy potions and be able to type the quantity instead of mashing the mouse click

I understood it clearly enough, I’m just jokingly lamenting this one barrier that could be lifted on my boot crafting addiction.

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