V1.1.5.2 Discussion

As we head into the next decade, Grim Dawn will see (at least) one more hotfix for v1.1.5.0.

Take this thread as an opportunity to vent on any issues with builds after v1.1.5.0 changes and to (constructively and objectively) offer suggestions for changes you’d still like to see before the holiday season begins in earnest.

Please remember our guidelines for posting feedback!


How about bounties in the Conclave giving infamy against Eldritch Horrors?

Could we have Loxmere get the arcane magic bullet the other arcane heroes have instead of autonullify? It’d be nice for consistency. (Speaking of consistency, a 100% spawn rate would be nice too.)

Beyond that…

Yes. Could we have some music for all the non-Ancient Grove the roguelike dungeons? Even generic outdoor stuff would do.

Seconding the conclave bounties giving infamy.

I’ll see if I can come up with something when I get home.

(oh yeah, and please gib me more toys to bridge the 70-94 abyss, that goes without saying :scorv: )

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how do you justify nerfing stormbox while not nerfing mortars and aar

I don’t need to because both AAR and Mortars received nerfs through their supporting gear?

That was a deliberate decision.

That’s not something we would do in a hotfix. All those areas have ambiance consistent with other zones with similar themes.

Another thing: I understand that Morgoneth’s mace wasn’t intended to drop at all, but it makes for a nice illusionist option, so why don’t add a way to get it simply for those purposes? Maybe keep it as a whitey but with a too high lvl requirement or as a consumable like those the Coven sells.

First, I hope you and the rest of the Crate team enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!

Second, I will link to my request to change Mythical Hallanx’s Head to support Vitality AAR instead of Wendigo Totem as Wendigo Totem has great support and multiple good builds already posted to the forum.

So I am hoping this perfect item is changed to support Spellbinder/Warlock/Druid Vitality AAR with a Red Beam of Death visual effect as well! Thank you.

I’ll think of other things today and post anything else I can think of.

The white quality mace was a copy-paste of the Epic quality version in terms of appearance. Nothing was removed visually.

My bad. I didn’t know he dropped an epic version. And about Eldritch Horrors… guess you guys want us to work hard for those sweet Kaisan’s amulets :stuck_out_tongue:

  • stormbox base skill need to be un-nerf.
  • hallanx’s wendigo totem mod need to be removed, make it support something else
  • make rune great again
  • swap damage conversion from guardian of empyrion’s transmuter. Make it convert phys>acid and fire>vit instead.
  • Ill omen’s damage reduction is redundant.
  • Omit Horn of gandarr from the game.

Also, my dreamy wish:

  • Makes call of the grave as a proc like deadly aims/arcane will/fighting spirit, give it some good stats.

Lastly, I can’t say this enough, give your art team some bonus. Morgoneth armor and great Wolf transmog is super cool!

  • Can Rotgheist get some energy regeneration on the head, shoulders or chestguard. Other medium armour sets like Runebinder or Rimetongue provide some.

  • Would it be possible to give a damage bump to Howl of the Wendigo by adding some Vitality damage on top of the Bleed or increase the Vitality damage modifier to Blade Arc.

How about no? I never liked using Decay for damage reduction because it requires the target to be basically on top of Ravenous Earth. Ill Omen is much more consistent now in applying damage reduction than Decay.

You can still just use Decay for damage reduction, while others can use Ill Omen. Don’t really get these types of suggestions to revert stuff that has no need to be reverted because the previous iteration of the skill was worse.

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Maybe make some changes to the Wendigo constellation ? It’s outperformed on every aspect by Bat which provides more healing at a higher frequency, requires less and gives more affinity. Outside vitality casters, Wendigo is just too hard to fit…

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Ah, I see that you like your mobs running around randomly avoiding you.

Better suggestion is to make decay increase its damage reduction duration to 2 seconds and gives ill omen other utility that is not confuse or terrify.

Don’t really get this type of suggestion of giving so many redundant things to a mastery that actually need something else.

Because we all know mobs don’t run around. Specially if you are ranged or a caster.

You really didn’t suggested anything for Ill Omen, you just called the damage reduction redudant. I mean, the devs can’t really do anything with that.

Yeah, they run to your opposite direction instead.

What? I am just following exactly the rule in OP:

Individuals items/skills may seem underpowered (or overpowered) when looked at in a vacuum, but are actually fine when considered within the larger context of all the items/skills in the game, which is why we need to look at the big picture when we make changes. So don’t worry about solutions and focus on providing us your gameplay experience instead. Let us worry about the details! :smiley:

Zantai just want us to provide gameplay experience and not to worry about solutions, so I did.

  1. Lokarr lore!

  2. Replace Calagadra with Ulzuin :slight_smile:

  3. Riggs follow up quest/lore explanation on who is he and why he needs the Iris.

  4. Tomb of the Heretic specific boss music

ps. i am willing to pay up to 20 EUR for such a dlc maybe 30-40. 50 max!

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Remember it’s just a hotfix. Don’t ask for too much :gazer:

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I second that, though I see the problem, that one player likes one ability more than the other. I think @RektbyProtoss likes Ill Omen iirc and @sigatrev used Decay (like me on my Ritualist) for kiting enemies above Ravenous Earth.

Now my “wishes”:

  • Slow/Stun Resistance got a lot of support in the last few patches; is it possible to get some more Trap Resist on items/devotions? For SR it is needed imho. Currently we have about 2 or 3 items (which are really good in this regard like Grey Magi Boots), maybe some more?
  • I know Fox got “buffed” yesterday with 2 % ADctH, but as a sole devotion for Bleeding, more ADctH is the least thing Bleeding Builds need. Perhaps some Resistances like Trap, Physical, Aether, Elemental?
  • I made a different thread to Orissia Ring, so only a little reminder.
  • Perhaps some Bleeding support on Necromancer/Occultist? Skills or items?
  • Mechanic of Siphon Souls is really…awful especially if you want to apply RR with it (like with Mythical Guillotine) and have to use Transmuter and change the damage to Aether. Perhaps change the RR from Siphon Souls to something like Bone Harvest?
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