i dont understand why he died ! ! !! ! ! !

i read all the rr oa conversion all this shit and i up a 85lv char and gear i mad my oa and da ressistances devotion max and my char still dieying some one can explaine to me WHY ! !!!


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some one can explaine to me WHY
Not without knowing what the heck you’re fighting, no.


finly i found out how to post a picture

He was asking about from what you’ve died exactly, what monster, location/area, difficulty…

What are you dying to? Trash mobs? Warder Krieg? Rashalga? Mogdrogen? Lokarr?

gonzar the invcibile killed me the boss who is just after when u repair the bridge to go to old arkovia. difficulty ultimate…

Well you’re dying to a nemesis who mostly deals pierce damage, not only is your pierce res low, you also have really low defensive ability as well, I think he’s able to crit you with that amount, which you don’t want.

but i focus on da intel i get 2300 or + without buffer im gonna loss other ressistances so there no way to get maximum ressis and rr + high da

How are you healing? 4% lifesteal and 300 hp regen isnt good enough for Fabius unless you have extremely high damage. Consider some points in Wendigo Totem.

That’s because your boots and pants don’t give you the needed resistances you need. You pretty much want Monster Infrequents on those slots (green items) because affixes are way more powerful in terms of giving resistances than just using epics/legendaries.

Also the fact that you play lightning warder doesn’t give you the damage needed to kill any Nemesis in a reliable amount of time. The thing is, the faster you kill a boss, the less damage they’ll deal to you. The nemesis you’re talking about also has the skill Blade Barrier from which you can easily kill yourself.

There are no MI boots in base Grim Dawn (for which I assume this is, being as level 85 is the cap).

her is my idea i wanted to make a tank with lightning dammage weapon and shield+lightning dmg and the green pant there only shiti one on vanilla+ if change the pant i loss pierce and that pant is the only one who gives 30%+ pierce ressis x)

You call them shit because you refuse to look at the affixes. Some decent Solael-Sect pants can make you not take a bunch of antivenom salves so you can get better components, also the fact that your armor absorption is garbage with 85% with already low armor shouldn’t make you wonder why you get bodied from physical damage, which is to 80-90% apparent in the entire game.

Like I told ya before buddy - golemborn fixes your problems.

You’ll also be able to swap out the rather useless-by-itself closed fist of vengeance

By die you mean HC die? Imo one shouldn’t play a game on HC unless one already knows the game.

It’s just a matter of time until you die.

If it;s not HC then…:smiley: Low DA and he probably executed you. Very low lifesteal considering Dmg must be really bad with 1h Savagery Stormheart. No War cry, not Wendigo totem and low synergy overall in the setup

thx im out.

Your DA and OA are very low my friend

omg but why no one of u understand high da oa low ressistances . high ressist low da oa.

This thread looks like fun, but it looks like i’m late to the party :unamused: