I have stopped playing Grim Dawn completely; because

I have played so much hack and slash/action rpg games since today; but this

game is the worst one I have played due to this game has completely awful loot


No matter how many heroes, bossess, nemesises you have killed; this game give

me nothing. Even if I farm a challange dungeon billion times.

Besides that situation, items which are sold at faction shops sold want too much

requirements. For example, if my level is 32; item which is sold at shop

wants level 40 char. When I reach level 40, that item will be useless.

To conclude, those situations I mentioned above makes my char too weak; so

I quit.

ok bye wave


I doubt you farmed it 30 times.

And if you did you expected class specific rolls like D3, and this is not it

but this

game is the worst one I have played due to this game has completely awful loot


Just for the sake of consistency - which other ARPGs you had played, preferrably arranged in a list from best to worst?

  1. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Series

  2. Loki: Hereos of The Mythology

  3. Torchlight 1-2

  4. Diablo 2

I think the loot system in GD is great and I have no problem finding good items.

The loot system in D2 = good? … LOL

Perhaps you are just unlucky, and have no skill in char building. You should not need “l33t” items to make good builds anyway.

I can agree that some of the lower level faction items could be improven but at level 40 you should be crusing around in yellow and white items anyway because the game is really simple in Normal/Veteran mode.

Some of the faction items at revered status can be BiS btw

now is not the right time to quit dear friend! You can rest but never quit.

Come back to us when Forgotten Gods is released. All your needs will be taken cared of by the holy order of knights!

See you around! :wink:

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To me Torchlight 2 had the worst item system ever - %damage values on items were comically small and armor didn’t scaled up for higher difficulties. The game insisted a lot to give you these stats on orange items though, and that’s why most of them sucked. Most sought stat was hp and sockets, since you can either socket more hp or damage resistance skulls. Projectile reflection was also decent. No idea how you could ever rank this higher than GD.

Loki? Don’t remember how the item system there was. Overall I wasn’t too impresed with the game.

Van Helsing - played the first one, items there had a very steep scaling so the difference between say level 23 and 27 items was quite brutal. It’s not a bad game but this kind of scaling was very off-putting to me.
EDIT: oh right, and the fact that there’s no smart loot to filter out items that are literally unusable to your class due to class restrictions was also bloody annoying there.

I mean. GD is advertised as a hardcore RPG game. If you’re looking to roflstomp without understanding the mechanics or farming dungeons in ultimate, then this isn’t the game for you.

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Ah yes, the game whose loot system includes items with a million-to-one chance of dropping. Choice.

and those items are not very good… how many do you see run around with Tyraels might and Mang songs lesson :smiley: Perhaps a Frenzy barb with dual Asterons? :wink: hehe

Zzz you beat me to it

Right… I always laugh when people throw up D2 for certain things. This is one of those things. I believe TQ could sit next to D2 on this for certain item drops having astronomical odds as well.

How easily people forget when it suits them.

i will admit it can be a little off-putting to repeatedly get items that are useless for the character im currently playing, but now having around 65 ish characters at varying level’s from 10-100 across both SC + HC its easy to say oh, this item could be good for this other character.

it would be nice though if item drops where somewhat weighted (epic + legendary items maybe 15% higher chance to drop) to say the highest dmg type your currently stacking.

that being said, still going strong and very much enjoying what i think is currently the best arpg on the market atm :slight_smile:

If you’ve managed to unlock factions enough to begin acquiring items from them then there is no excuse that you can’t a) have the money to buy them already, or b) easily go and replenish your money in fairly short order. If your toon is too weak I expect it is most likely your fault. I make new toons all the time so I think I’m qualified to speak on this and tell you that I rarely buy anything from the factions or merchants (nor do I twink) and I never have a problem that my toon is too weak due to lack of gear. My toons often do quite well with what they find laying on the ground. If he is too weak it’s probably because I made some bad choices while leveling him up.

Your complaint garners you no sympathy from my end except to open the door for ya and show you on out.

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In Grim Dawn, for the first difficulty the gear doesn’t matter much.
What matters is having enough armor and resistances. The second difficulty is usually quite easy too. Ultimate can be harder because having high resistances and decent armor is needed, especially for melee builds.

Also, if your build is too weak , ask for help so you can understand the reasons behind it. Could be because of your skills choice or your gear or even your devotion set-up. You could always trade for the items that you want if you don’t wanna wait. Also in the next expansion the devs added a new feature that allows you to transform a set item randomly into another part of the same set.

I didn’t play Val Helsing or Loki (that one received really bad reviews that’s why and never got fixed by the devs), but I played both Torchlight (1-2) and Diablo2 (a LOT). In Torchlight the gear isn’t too meaningfull to actually care about farming (it’s boring) and in D2 the gear/runes that you want you will potentially never have them without trading unless you use a bot to farm while you are sleeping (which you can’t do on bnet servers, because rules).

In Grim Dawn you will receive for sure at least one Legendary item when doing a Rogue-like dungeon. Potentially even 2 (higher chance than now) in the next expansion. Crucible is another way but not everyone likes that game mode. Otherwise the new gamemode in the next expansion
(coming a bit later this year) could help too.

I feel like the OP didn’t play this game for more than 5 hours. Also, they’re talking about normal difficulty, where stuff doesn’t drop at all because it’s meant to introduce you to the game. Grim Dawn actually starts on Elite, normal mode is just like walking through a forest with only two trees.

I recommend to play it till Ultimate, and then you’ll know if you actually like this game or not.

He mentioned killing nemesis, and it is pretty hard to get nemesis status by staying in Normal/Veteran :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange, I started playing D2 single player again like 2 years ago and I already have all set/unique items apart from like 15 and all runewords except last wish and phoenix …

I mean, he would not say that drop rates are trash if he played on ultimate. I often play 1 hour and have at least one inventory page of legendaries. So I actually doubt he played even on elite.

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Played D2 for 12years… My LvL19 Charger can kill a hammerdin lvl 85+ easly.

Imo on GD loot , all loot before lvl 94 goes to vendor exept few items i wanna save just to do a totaly WTF build.

Try to see it like this"Save ALL Epic+ loot and then give it away to anyone u meet"

Make sure that u give away totaly wrong gear for his/her build and tell them this items are the best u can have for ur build.

AND last words… In Diablo 2 u dont farm anything , u go to D2JSP and buy everything… cuz farming in D2 are just stupid, let someone else do the work.