I lost all my achievements

Today when I opened the game I began to receive achievements already obtained, I look at steam and it turns out that I only have 43 achievements, when in reality I had around 134. It’s sad because I was trying to get all the achievements

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Not a bug with the game, blame Steam’s cloud saving system. Change over to local saves and then back them up regularly.

*this can still happen with local saves, since it’s related to the achievement tracking file? steam uses, which sometimes can get reset/wiped

@Augusto_Mansalve i’ve “tested” this a couple of times, and seems the best way to attempt to prevent is to use the “verify game files” after a game update or reinstall
^and even if you don’t normally use cloud saves (in steam library settings for grim dawn not the ingame), then still try to remember to turn that steam library cloud on for GD before the verification/reinstall, then turn it off after
it’s a bit cumbersome but seems to somewhat slightly reliable make achievement resets not happen (from patch updates or reinstalls), atleast the types i experienced

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