I LOVE Grim Dawn

My husband found this game on Steam a few weeks ago. He started to play but I was too busy binge watching Property Brothers lol. I finally tried it and for the last two weeks I’ve totally been preoccupied with it. I loved Diablo and Diablo 2 but Diablo 3 didn’t really capture my attention.

But Grim Dawn is just the type of ARPG I really wanted but didn’t know I was missing ^^ It really is GRIM too. The little Lore pages and all the gore makes it very dismal and I love all the loot drops. No complaints here about drop rates. Although I’m the kind of gamer that enjoys the game for what it is not what I think it should be if that makes sense.

Anyways I’m loving Grim Dawn and I am not even lvl 50 in the softcore game. Happy Happy Happy.

Anyways just thought I’d say HI!


Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slight_smile: Hope your husband is enjoying the game too.

You might want to stop by later today for a live dev stream on Twitch TV.

We usually get a few spoilers for the game during these.

Husbando is enjoying the game too! I work today (Mandatory) so probably won’t get to see the stream but hoping to get more involved in the community over time. I appreciate the welcome thank you! xD


If you run into trouble late Elite and onwards you can use Grim Calcto post your build. This way people will be easily able to help you out and explain stuff

Well, it’ll be available on Twitch TV as a recording for a couple of weeks so you can view it whenever you feel like it.

Dev streams are about once a month atm, so next one probably in January, but they’re likely to get more frequent the closer we get to the release of the 2nd expansion “Forgotten Gods” which is due out some time in 1st quarter of 2019.


You had me at “I LOVE Grim Dawn.”

I LOVE it as well and welcome to the forums. It was just what I was looking for in an online game. Atmosphere, lore, and plenty of grim.

Always nice to see more people discovering this awesome game.

Hello SDeadlight,

Since I have been away for quite some time and thinking of already been playing here and there returning to GD. I Might aswell do my job like I did before and greet all the new GDplayers/forumdwellers a nice welcome.

So welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn, I hope you enjoy GD as much I did and even more :wink:

Bout damned time Dikkie. Welcome back.