I saw a dualpistol inquisitor build- what do you think?

I have been looking for a new main character, since I wish to leave my first one and start over. I am interested in fast dual pistol builds, so I found something online, but I guess it might be a bit old /now we had a new patch , so… / WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE think about it?


You might be interested in another Inquisitor Gunslinger build

Seems nice ! TY!
I might try it

@aPLAYER look for builds on the forum instead :slight_smile: Speaking of paladin, I actually had in mind to make a budget build for ranged gun paladin soon

this exists too.

which suggests this as the budget endgoal

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I have sketch of budget end-game dual wield Savagery Vindicator :open_mouth: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLpl9wV (though the 2H version I made is stronger)

this is somehow logical and not very complicated, but I got 1 shaman alread- so not fun for me to do a second shaman since I have not tried other classes. I am a bit confused to se that most lev. 100 characters got around 12 k HP. Hm, on level 59 I had 11500 …so health is not a priority I guess, if you have armor and res. , I have that ffeeling. Than you all for the help. GG!

Health is overrated, you need other defense mechanisms like armor, damage reduction and absorption too and overcapped resistances.

Tactician, elemental cadence with Luminari set https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrDoK62 also nice budget setup

Ranged build with Demo should be better in this patch. Mine is instant, so much more damage from it and easier RR spread.

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Have you test played your Lightning Purifier in this patch?

Having 40 or so builds posted is both pleasure and pain. DW ranged Purifier is in my que. Better mines, tougher campaign. But I have so much to test, before going to this. Hopefully will try it in dungeons.

I would be glad if it works on the the start and around the end of ELITE diff., for me this is enough. Too much real life now … There are tens of builds one might try, but no time to do it all

then you do not need any build guide or so, just take Inquisitor and a mastery with default attack replacer: Demo,Solider, Oathkeeper or Shaman (which you did not wanted to use) :slight_smile:

Demo: Fire Strike - has explosive strike and fragments from the last modifier: together with all the default attack “proc” skills (WPS) from Inquisitor you can get nice AoE

Solider: Cadence - massive Weapon damage and buff from Deadly momentum. The first modifier Fightning form make the bullets pierce through monsters! Also has a transmuter for elemental damage focus.

Oathkeeper: Righteous fervor - has chargers that will multiply the damage of the WPS that procs from it. Also has a nice speed and tank boost on the first modifier.