I see no point in buying the Forgotten Gods DLC. Yes, I'm a skeptic.

I suspect that if you feel so strongly about it, you could use a trainer or file editor to give yourself 100 devotion points, etc. The game allows for all kinds of modding, since it is single player.

That’s fine. I’m not ignoring that Lol. But a small minor increase IMO would have made this DLC excellent from what I can see.

I have literally made devotion routes that were a few points away from picking up another strong T3 devotion proc when I already had 2 others that were strong - 3 points matters more than you think :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgotten Gods adds 4 skill points and 2 attribute points. Is that not enough for you?

You could always use a 3rd party program like GD-Stash to give yourself more devotion points or levels if you want.

This DLC just seems… useless without the ability to build on max characters if it is going to be harder than AoM. AoM, awesome! You did well! Forgotten Gods… hopefully, you get an update.

I like what you propose , i wanted this too ( at least a little up in devotion at least +1) but nope most people like what crate give them , so we are alone

IF, they made Forgotten Gods harder ‘which they did’ then I see no justification as to why they DIDN’T make a small increase to the devotions and leveling. I guess maxed out characters have to suffer from a useless DLC. So if you bought the DLC and you have tons of level 100’s like me, then you are in for a BORING ride it seems like since there is nothing for those characters to work towards unlike what AoM did.

Just out of curiosity, why do you place all the value of this expansion in devotions and levels? What’s the point of 5 levels anyway. Is it just so you see a higher number, is it for skill points? If it’s just for skill points they took care of that already by adding more. Devotions doesn’t make sense to me. As of now with 55 it forces you to make choices. Adding more means in any given build you could just about get everything you want out of it and there is no trade off and would make the entire system pointless.

The value of this xpack comes in many places. First, the skill points. Second, the new zones, lore, quests, factions and bosses to farm. Third, the shattered realm. There is a lot of content in here for $15 if you can look past that NEED for level 105.

With all that said, if you haven’t purchased it yet, give it a few days or so until they get the bugs ironed out and then give it a shot.

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I don’t think they did, and given that you do not have FG, I am not sure anyone should trust you on this…

The appeal of the expansion is getting to take characters through all new levels and environments, use new masteries and devotions, fight new enemies and bosses, meet new NPC’s and tackle new quests. And, god forbid, build new characters.

If you don’t see the appeal in any of that, then no, it certainly doesn’t make any sense for you to buy it.

Devotion at least because it’s a GOD story expac?

I have the xpac and i still think he is right , i’d like to get also a little devotion upgrade, +1 max devotion at least ? nah ?

it make sense for me new area ; mastery atc… but god, it’s a God xpac at least it would be smart/nice to raise the max devotion , at least +1 for the flavour

See, The thing is, Everything you said? Yeah, that can be fixed easily with modding. Don’t know how? Don’t be lazy - It’s easy and there are a ton of guides and nice people here that help.

I play a custom GD because let’s face it retail = Ack My Opinion, Calm down 3 skill points each level, 60 Devo point cap, Custom skill tree’s etc

It’s not the case I am not a decent player and can’t beat the default game on attempted balance, I’ve beaten the game two handed naked lol I just like FUN and build freedom.

Get FG, Its good content but let’s look at the real reason to get it = Modding assets :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if a person only had one or two characters to play I consider the expansion well worth it. The story, lore, all the extra gear, movement runes, SR for extra challenge, new superboss, secrets, more environment and boss for farming diversity. It’s only $16 after all…

I think you focus too much on devotions and lvls to build a character. FG gives you new devotions, new items (legendary and more so green items, which if you find it with the right pre and suffix can drastically improve your max character). It also gives you new enemies to farm, and even a new gamemode if you get bored of farming the story mode.
Ofc, if you only wanna play the story once and “improve” your character by putting 10 skillpoints and 5 devotion points, then you shouldn’t buy FG.
What I want to say is, that for me building on my character means to try different routes, convert my dmg to another, try different skills in combination with different items and devoitions until I find a combination that makes my hero a little stronger etc.
And last but not least, it only costs 17 bucks.
Just my 5.7 cents

Pleanty of content for the price you are paying. No need to break the level cap and devotion paths.

3 more devotion points could make certain builds overpowered.

You can play the Forgotten Gods expansion content, after you defeated the Warden in normal/veteran mode. So no need to play the whole vanilla and AoM content.

The expansion gives new content, lore, gear and a new mastery for ony 15 bucks! Seriously that’s cheap.

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Please don’t close this thread. I want to read more.