Idea and Feedback

Hi Dev !

Nice job, well done ! beautifull game and it’s a pleasure to play it !

Idea & Feedback :

  • Boars should be automatically attacked by hunters. Knowing that their territoriality and their damage are equivalent to wolves from my point of view.

  • The bridges should exist, and an improvement of the fishing huts at level 2 unlocking fishing boats will be appreciable (especially in the “Lake and plain” map where a lake can represent almost 75% of the total map!)

  • Barter could be an option in the markets (addition of traveling merchant for barter) or the trade center rather than monetizing everything with gold.

  • Small bug concerning the barracks: Sometimes soldiers leave it while weapons and gold are available

  • Dirt roads should be able to be built box by box (and not at least 3 boxes currently).

  • Small bug concerning hunter traps: “error - location not found”.

-Definition of the role of transport carts not very well defined in my opinion, apart from the labor camps, their movement remains hazardous.

That’s it for now, thanks again Devs and good job!

Sincerely, a player

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