Idea - Arborist - Cull All button

In the arborist building have a button that is “Cull All” for the trees. Or better, have one button under each tree category so you can cull all the trees of that kind for wood. It is a bit tedious to try and figure out which tree is which clicked, cull for wood, and go to the next. I have started doing each arborist as one type tree to eliminate having to figure out which tree is which… but since they are planted all at the same time, that means at end of life I have to click 50 different trees and say cull.


Yes, or build it into the harvest button

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Mine seem to get culled on their own at EOL. I just wait and suddenly all the old trees are just gone and their spots open to be re-planted. I found that out after not wanting to click them all and procrastinating after seeing they were all too old. I looked back a bit later and they were all gone.

Ah, maybe I need to try that… I was trying to be proactive and cull and replant around 5%

It was especially handy on the farms I had both apple and peach trees, as only the peach went away due to their shorter lifespan.

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