Idea for future: Ancestry

Mine your game data or create it to have ancestry reports that show genealogy, family trees, occupations, important past events in villagers lives. “Founding Villager” family trees etc etc… People like genealogy and I’ve already seen streamers investing time to read the peoples names and ages when they kill bears, etc etc…

I’m a genealogist and historian (retired). Sounds like a neat idea, but it’s peripheral to the central theme of the game, and it would require massive developer time to develop this, and they’re already busting their buns (Mods: can I say that here?) providing the content we do have. Understanding how much time it takes to research a lineage and establish an evidence-based family tree, such an endeavor is certainly beyond the time the developers have to get the game ready for rollout. Especially if they have a deadline, which I suspect they have.

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