Idea for Grim Dawn 2

Hi All,
So here’s what I think for Grim Dawn 2,
Get hold of a new/modern game engine, and once you have that, take GD1 and code it in the new engine.
Make the exact same game + DLCs, all over again, just with the updated visuals/optimisations/etc.
I will buy it all again.
Just sayin’ :slightly_smiling_face:
Other than that, here’s hoping that the new year is treating you better than the Great Intercontinental Fecal Punching Clown which was 2020.
Regards and stay safe,
PS: … oh wait … ‘remastered’ was probably the word I was looking for, … where’s my coffee? …

There was a poll on that already

The winning option which won crushingly was added by :zantai: himself I believe:
(the poll didn’t have it at first, only yes and don’t know)

Zantai will never not very acquiesce such an incredibly non starter

credit to @Ulvar1 for the font color


To put your request into perspective, I recommend to read what Crate said about their engine.

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