[Idea] How to Improve Rah'Zin's Torment set

Small introduction: Rah’Zin Torment is by no means a set that we’ve been waiting for so long, and it works fine on chaos witch hunter. Unfortunately, the set also has some serious issues like terrible lack of defence and not very good set bonuses.
Here’s the setup I use by myself https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYdMWAZ (and you can see I used 2 green items to boost my DA & I have >100% pierce to chaos conversion).
Here’s a build posted by @ya1 https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G7m0j2 (only legendary/epics) and it’s DA is catastrophically low (imo, of course). And here we also have the conversion I mentioned above.

Amulet: remove +1 to Soldier, replace it with + to Occultist/Inquisitor
Shoulders: remove chaos res, replace it with slow/stun res, replace +2 to ACC with +2 for Execution/Whirling Death

Set bonuses:
2 parts: remove +% phys damage, replace it with flat chaos and leave +% chaos damage as it is.
3 parts: add 110 DA, +7-10% crit damage, leave +10% attack speed, +3 to Whirling Death as it is
full set: +3 to Solael’s Witchfire, increase wd and ADctH on Whirling Death to 50/10% and REMOVE the pierce -> chaos conversion because with the chest and 1 Myth. Fang of Chton we can already get almost 100% of global conversion.
The RR to CoF should remain as it is, and maybe -15% chaos RR should be applied to Death Sentence or some mods given to Nightblade wps skills like flat chaos damage to Execution, for ex.

To sum up with: the idea of Rah’Zin’s set is really cool and it works not bad but because of being used on Witch Hunter (which is obviously a bit squishy class) Rah’Zin needs more defence and some improvements that will suit it well.


Lol I agree with “catastrophically low” but there’s about 600 oa shred thanks to Korvaak and Wasting. But setups going for Abominable Might, as they should, need greens. Set isn’t really functional in how poorly it’s aligned with chaos devotion path.

Also, I agree that set should support inquisitor rather than soldier. But this would require more complete rework.

Set should get:

+120 da on 3pc completion
+5% attack speed more on 3pc completion
energy leech on the belt
6/8% cdr on the amulet. It was already nerfed by moving most rr to 4pc completion and made useless as a single item (at the same time making Severed Faith chest obsolete for many chaos builds)
Boost oa on one of the items (forgot, belt?) from 60 to 90

as for OA shred, it’s by no means only my personal impression that playing with low DA&OA shreds is less comfortable than with high DA and with/without shreds :smiley:

And also, some OA for the set won’t hurt, sure.

Whatever needs to be done, bonuses to Soldier should not be removed, because this is the only chaos melee set for Witchblades also.

There is no chaos melee set for anything except Rah’Zin so saying there there isn’t one for witchblade makes little sense. Set doesn’t support much in terms of Servitor’s Corruptor Cadence anyway, just some weaselly wps and a fuck-off +2 to Fighting Spirit, so it wouldn’t lose much if it lost it all. There’s no pierce or cold to convert from soldier. No reason in the world to play Rah’Zin witchblade over witch hunter except if you wanna feel soldierly.


Other than PHAT damage.

Cabalist version with 2x spark of reality also quite nice. I made one but haven’t polished it again. The build is boring though.

WHUT damage?

19/16 Cadence (with Servitor axe) with 13/12 Deadly? Or 21/16 Cadence (with Voidsteel gloves meaning you don’t take 2pc Harbinger set)? And only with a compulsory Touch of Chaos strike every 2s for the rr?

I’m sure you’d SOLDIER through main game with that but… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What did you take for dualwielding, Direwolf or Korvaak? Also, has anyone tried chaos S&B witchblade with Totally Normal Bulwark?

Don’t really remember. It’s either direwolf or blademaster’s talisman + mythical dreadchill mark. Flat is big like other occultist chaos build, but the build feels like missing something. Feels so boring.

Might try to theorycraft as warlock and see if it can be more interesting. Though it will be a pain to level a warlock.

That’s what we theoricrafted in our Russian discord https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYdMnXZ (made by @Tararihen) but actually nobody tested it
And in the whole, the idea of melee warlock is a bit doomed. Just a bit.

Yeah, just remember that warlock don’t have WPS. So might not be as good. Also that hellhound is useless. It will be killed always in battle.

BTW, can anybody talk about harbinger+rahzin deceiver? It was hyped a bit before FG released but I never see someone talk about its performance.

https://grimpendium.net/builds/build-316.php here’s another build from Russian discord :smiley:
(made by @AlexGoldFish_322). It’s a bit outdated since there’ve been some patches but I don’t think the performance changed significantly.

Here:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NK7JEnN . Personaly just don’t like playing melee in common and dw melee particulary, so choose this one. It was before 1.3.0, now may be better to replace Korvaak for Abomination. The main trooble is constant deficit of mana, so adding some mana leech/regen is highly acceptable improwement.

Hmm…I think the damage with 2 servitors and voidsteel gauntlets would be quite significant. And Soldier would offer more survivability than Nightblade.

And the mod to Zolhan is also there, although it seems to benefit 2handers more.

Translation using google translator
I agree with Afanasenkov26. Seth Razin works in melee, only on the witch hunter. But it survives poorly and sometimes only at the expense of vampirism. I tried to collect the Witcher. It was a complete horror. The amount of damage in a GT is huge. In fact, such a character does not cause damage and does not live, since the main life force of Razin is vampirism with damage. No damage, no survival. It is correctly written that the bonuses of the soldier must be changed to additional bonuses to the occultist or night blade and the survival rate and armor of this set are increased. Also, no one will collect a set of Razin for physical damage. It just does not make sense even with the sword Beronath. Damage is even less! Mr. Z, please pay attention to this topic. Set Razin need to reconstruct.


Actually set was already buffed thanks to Superfluff who was one of the first to test it in different configurations. Addition of racial to Chthonics was good.

20/16 Cadence + Voidsteel = more damage than you get at 26/16 Cadence, also 17/12 DM.

Stop mentioning Servitor Axe, if you think that item belongs with Rah’zin it’s no wonder you think the set is bad. I keep cringing whenever I see it mentioned in this thread.

And yeah I don’t know about you but 500%+ Weapon Damage with 50k Weapon Damage really strikes me as PHAT damage.

What do you think the best weapon would be for a melee Witchblade wearing Rah’Zin? I have to admit that Servitor axes seemed a logical choice to me, but I don’t know all the items that well…

Maybe the axes, but Myth. Fang of Chton also has a very nice rr proc on crit and also provides ADctH and +1 to Occ. And in terms of getting the weapons, Fang is really easier to get :stuck_out_tongue: (unless you don’t use Stash)
One is clear, some tests are needed to figure this out!

Fang of Chthon is primarily for Nightblades, isn’t it?