[Idea] How to make Targo set work

So Targo set is the physical set that makes Warlord look kind of bad. @Superfluff posted his build with and from the video it seems like despite being a Warlord and despite having a Shield build looks kind of unstable in Crucible. And there is no huge damage to trade off that relative squishyness. It does complete Crucible 150-170, but then you have builds like Warborn+Siegebreaker and Markovian warlords that will probably do the same job as fast but with zero hiccups. Oh and they also can go really deep in Shattered Realm and facetank kill Celestials with minimal adjustments - something that Targo set probably can’t do at all.
Another example of how weird Targo is: one of the builders from Russian community tested dual-wielding version of the set and after a lot of tests he came to the conclusion that the optimal way to use the set while dual-wielding is to spam Blade Arc while holding second Targo Hammer as basically an off-hand.

Idea is simple:

- Make Targo hammer Big Mean Two-handed weapon.

Physical builds already have quite a few one-handed + shield archetypes to choose from, and all of the are quite strong and tanky, something you would expected from a physical sword and board build.
But two-handers are lacking in general, and I think players miss some of that big mean two-handed weapon action. I have made a build with two-handed Blade Arc spam with a Bleeding set and a weapon with no attack speed and it turned out to be very fun and successful build.

By the way, I did not come up with that (pretty good) idea. But few players I spoke to had it.

    • Yes, make Targo hammer a two-hander!
    • No, leave it as it is but buff 1h Blade Arc playstyle further

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yes more 2H love!

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Heck, I also thought that make a targo’s hammer as 2h would be a simple way to deal with the all problems with this set by “one hit” (even post this suggestion here).
Totally for it.


I voted 1h because i think it fits thematically (blacksmiths are 1h) and also functionally since it’s a dot build. (and as 1h it should not coexist with Spellschourge 1h spam, that thing is a mistake imo and should be revamped). I’m really ok with Octav shield or the others few that fit instead of a second Targo hammer. I’d make Grey knight better.

What targo needs, again functionally and thematically too is more tankiness(blacksmiths are though). It needs more phys res, more Health and DA. Like 5%, 500, 80..to begin with. IT and flat mods for BA and ABB need to be improved

EDIT: I’d also add a tanky bubble proc to it that makes it tough, which again i think it fits. the stats above would be nice but your lifesteal is still low. A small proc that resembles that of Shattered set. 10% DMG absorb with more duration or something like that. Would be nice, like a cheap Menhir’s bulwark. What do you think?

Note that this set will likely be receiving buffs both directly and indirectly in the future, especially 1h :slight_smile:

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I think there are already three super tanky Soldier shield-specs: Warborn + Siegebreaker, Markovian and Octavius. There are zero dedicated two-handed physical specs. One-handed Blade Arc was just a bad idea to begin with. Internal Trauma ABB is even worse idea to be honest.
In my opinion, and a lot of community contributors will agree with me, 4th Soldier shield spec is not needed. Set is a great chance to show two-handers some love.
And thematically (ugh, I hate this argument) Smith can be swinging a huge mean hammer, why the hell not.

I don’t disagree with 2h BA

I just don’t want it on Targo :smiley: Since it’s a DoT set like Octavius I like the Shiled part. I was suggesting the tankines part in a more unusual way. All the sets you mentioned are tanky in their own right but in a different way.

The only part I like about 2h is more Judgement dmg via %dmg mod, however, if Grey knight were to be better it would be the same result

As for the theme part, sry man smiths are smiths :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck i’d even use Judgement of Empyr instead of Shiled, and you know what, I might, that thing fits lol

Merge Leviathan 2H mace with Targo set to make the ultimate “Poseidon’s blacksmith” build!


But how do you see Targo as a set with a shield? Blade Arc Spammer? Doesn’t make too much sense to spam on a DoT build. Nuke rotation build? But then there is Octavius that does exactly that (you can even add Blade Arc to Octavius just for Laceration). You want to spam Cadence but nuke with Blade Arc? Well, Warborn will do it much better.
So you see the problem here? Set has no identity. It could be Vire’s Might/Physical Bone Harvest set - then it would make sense. But gimmicky physical ABB support that noone really asked for is a lame identity.

Well to be fair WB can’t do 750K IT dummy crits with BA :slight_smile:

But if Spamming an AoE skill wit god Dot works Why not? It may not have the highest possible nuombers, but has consistency. It just needs more meat on it to sustain that consistency

As for ABB i’m surprised how much people dislike it. It has even better coverage than BA it looks and feels great…until bosses, so it needs to be made better, but I wouldn’t say it’s shit. If ABB worked, my build would have been a Dervish not WL, but I settled with BA. Mechanically ABB is nicer

@Superfluff @malawiglenn

Here is a picture of a smith with big two-hander that wins me a THEMATIC side of this argument:

You wouldn’t wanna spoil your fine crafting hammer with aetherial blood, would you.

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That smith is not particularly tanky :frowning:

He facetanked army of the dead, what are you talking about

With just three blessings from mentally challenged screenwriters and a plot armor banner

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Hey, without theme and some rP in there i’d have sopped palying GD a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue:

But that hammer looks too clean, and he looks like the guy holding the tongs rather than the 2h weilder.

Maybe this

2h%20targo there is bearded targo with a 2h among mortals. they young boy is the guy in your pic :smiley:

Double Sanctified bones and Revenant node for sure :frowning:

I would prefer targo’s hammer to stay a 1h, but instead make Leviathan support blade arc and fit your suggested role along with the change that I mentioned in the 2h feedback thread (swap around acid to phys and cold to phys conversion numbers in targo’s helm to buff physical abb with Leviathan).

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The simple truth is that 1h BA doesn’t work fine
It seems very fun to me that even warlord (one of the most strongest masteries setup og the whole game) does only 7m run in cruci without even enough tankyness

Voted 1h too. :hammer:

I don’t deny that IRL smiths can use
2h mallets, but only true Targo reference right in game: hammer, anvil and Targo the builder constelations. :stuck_out_tongue:

All we need is off-hand anvil :joy:

Witch incoming buffs it can imo easily do under 6:30 min.

I think we are abit too used to 5:30 builds around here. I can assure this issue is being worked on:)

Also you can’t generalize and say 1h Ba does not work. It works just as well as 1h ABB or BH works. It’s all context

1h BA on targo works and will be better

1h BA on Spellscourge is…uninspired :slight_smile:

You know, Enpyrion off hand actually fits really well, it could use a mod. But Anvil off hand would be fantastic

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7m for the Warlord is bad.
Pre FG Octavius with less RR was able to do 6:40 and was way more tanky

Thinking like this is exactly what will get WL nerfed even more including sets related to it

As I said the set is certainly getting buffed so 6 - 6:30 m is very nice