(Idea) Watercress

So, I have been visiting a watercress farm and it was interesting (yeah, who thought!).
It made me think that could be a nice addition and a new farming mechanism to, if it happens, the “Water” DLC.

The guy was explaining it needs to be between a spring (ideally) and river to, they have multiple harvests per growing season (like 3 or 4), they also needs to have the right soil in the bed, etc…

So kind of similar to the current farming, but with some different bits (needs water bed, located near water bodies, multiple harvests…). Maybe waterbeds could be reused for other stuff, like rice, lotus, shrimps… (though no idea I am not a farmer).

That’s it

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And they often also raise shrimp (or fish sometimes?) amongst the watercress.

Nice idea, though I suspect the mechanics required would be a stretch on top of what would be envisaged for the “vanilla” Water DLC…

Watercress could lay in groundwork for if they chose to do an East-Asian DLC, and therefore Rice, one day.
As in new settings that have a different range of resources, buildings, crops, etc; basically giving you half of a new game to play. (Similar to how Transport Tycoon Deluxe introduced 3 new map types with different terrain, suppliers, producers, growth mechanics, etc)

Introducing a way to test a mechanic (Rice farming) by bringing in an appropriate implementation (Watercress in the current game) could be a boon for the devs too.